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Maintain the Value of Your Antiques, Art Or Collectibles Business (2/11/09)
Can you sell your antiques, art or collectibles business while competing with the multitude of other small businesses also being … More >>

Six Steps to Avoid Fraud (1/30/09)
Antiques shops and dealers must always be on the alert for fraud. It is a fact of doing business. This … More >>

Five Resolutions That Can Improve Business (12/22/08)
I think we all make New Year’s resolutions in some manner. Some being to join a gym (note that’s join, … More >>

Make Profit Your Holiday Mantra (12/2/08)
Editor’s Note: Economic pundits predict dire times ahead for this holiday season. But antiques and collectibles dealers may improve sales by following Jim Sturgill’s common-sense advice. More >>

Gift Annuity: You Give, Then Receive (11/11/08)
Editor’s Note: CPA Jim Sturgill always gives sound advice to antiques-and-collectibles dealers and collectors. Here he suggests a win-win way for anyone to make charitable contributions in this down economy. More >>

Simple Ways to Save Money (11/4/08)
I visited a family of antiques dealers this morning at their store in a nearby strip mall. I commented that the store was cold, which resulted in the owner telling me how bad the gas furnace was. Noting that all the ductwork was in the ceiling, I suggested that the ducts may be leaking and heating the area above the ceiling tiles. More >>

Financial Turmoil: Antiques Hold Value (9/18/08)
The stock market is in turmoil. Investment banks must be bailed out by the U.S. government. Hedge funds are experiencing … More >>

When Art & Antiques Cause a Bloody Nose (8/16/08)
You never know what’s going to set off a family fight in the world of art, antiques and collectibles. In the case of the Krebs clan, it began with a three-scoop, chocolate ice-cream cone. More >>

Estate Planning—Where Are the Coin Collectibles? (7/25/08)
During the early 1980s, one of my favorite clients was the owner of an antiques shop who also owned a restaurant and bar with several pool tables. The client was rather elderly but quite alert and worked long hours seven days a week. During the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, his restaurant supplied area service clubs with fried chicken and fried fish (known as a chicken fry or fish fry). More >>

18 Things Worth Knowing about the Business of Antiques and Collectibles (7/22/08)
In case you didn’t know: * There are more than 41,500 antiques shops/dealers in the U.S.A.. according to the “2008 Business Reference Guide.” * Many antique shops have sold for 20% of annual sales plus inventory at cost. This is a rule of thumb and not applicable to all antiques shops. * Most antiques shops are started by collectors. More >>

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