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Elephants—the Wonder of the Circus—Make for Specialized Collectible Category (9/7/10)
jumbophotoHere come the elephants! Surveys of the circus-going public consistently rate the elephant as their favorite act. In fact, in … More >>

The Truth Behind the Famous yet Bogus ‘Ringling Brothers’ Mustache Cups’ (8/30/10)
cupsphoto“There are a thousand and one stories under the big top . . .” The above is a phrase oft repeated … More >>

Clowns — The Hearts of the Circus Make Great Collectible Category (8/16/10)
louposterSend in the clowns—and the elephants! When we go to a traditional American circus, we expect to see both, and … More >>

Searching for the Origin of the Astley Circus Engravings (7/27/10)
Astley Exterior PrintOnce again, I was caught up in the hunt and loved every minute! In 1976, our bicentennial year, I was … More >>

Marx Brother Movie Helps Solve Circus Badge Mystery (7/10/10)
Circus owner Jeff Wilson, played by Kenny Baker, points to his employee badge when talking with Chico Marx.  A serious circus collector always keeps his eyes open to discover new and useful information. It can be found in … More >>

A Ticket Is Your Entry To The Big Show And More (6/29/10)
Photos like this were classic circus images provided by the big shows. This one appeared in a 1920s Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus souvenir program.  If you want to see the circus, don’t try to sneak in for free. “All children must have ticket, … More >>

You Can’t Tell Your Funambulists from Your Kinkers without Knowing Your Circus Lingo (6/8/10)
This real photo postcard shows an Advertising Car for Ringling Bros. World’s Greatest Shows. The year is prior to 1919 when Ringling Bros. was combined with Barnum & Bailey. There were 22 men assigned to this car.Behind the scenes and on the back lot of any circus is another world, complete with its own language or … More >>

Collecting Circus Stamps Means a Worldwide Search (5/31/10)
In 2003 Monaco issued a stamp, “Première Rampe” (First Limelight), to coincide with a show of young circus entertainers.  By far the most colorful circus stamps are those issued in foreign countries. The checklist provided by The American Topical … More >>

Collect Circus Stamps for Color and Variety on a Budget (5/24/10)
To circus collectors this is known as the Lou Jacobs stamp. Plate blocks of four of this stamp sell for $5 or less. You can often find a full sheet of the stamp for less than $10.In the world of philately (the study and collection of postage stamps), there are those who concentrate on collecting topical … More >>

Collecting ‘The Greatest Motion Picture On Earth’ (5/3/10)
The Greatest Show On Earth” one-sheet movie poster is valued at $200-$300, although they can sometimes be found for less. Re-release posters sell for about $50 or less and can be identified because Jimmy Stewart in his clown costume is holding an Oscar. “We bring you the circus, the pied piper whose magic tunes greet children of all ages, from 6 to … More >>

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