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Collect Circus Stamps for Color and Variety on a Budget (5/24/10)
To circus collectors this is known as the Lou Jacobs stamp. Plate blocks of four of this stamp sell for $5 or less. You can often find a full sheet of the stamp for less than $10.In the world of philately (the study and collection of postage stamps), there are those who concentrate on collecting topical … More >>

Collecting ‘The Greatest Motion Picture On Earth’ (5/3/10)
The Greatest Show On Earth” one-sheet movie poster is valued at $200-$300, although they can sometimes be found for less. Re-release posters sell for about $50 or less and can be identified because Jimmy Stewart in his clown costume is holding an Oscar. “We bring you the circus, the pied piper whose magic tunes greet children of all ages, from 6 to … More >>

Motion Pictures That Chronicle Circus Life Mix Collectible Categories (4/13/10)
This book was published in 1928 by Gosset & Dunlap following the release of “4 Devils.” On the right page it says “Novelized by Guy Fowler from the Fox Picture produced by F.W. Murnau.” On the left you see the four stars of the motion picture—Charles Morton, Janet Gaynor, Nancy Drexel and Barry Norton. Other scenes for the movie appear throughout the book. Prices for this book range from $25 to $80.  Circus life is a natural for motion pictures. Old movies give us rare glimpses of long-gone, circus performers and their … More >>

Searching For Circus Collectibles (3/30/10)
View from the balcony at the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair.  “Where do you look for circus collectibles?” I get asked that question over and over, and it’s a question you … More >>

There Was Only One P.T. Barnum (3/9/10)
P.B. Barnum: an American showman.Phineas Taylor Barnum was almost a Yankee Doodle Dandy, but missed it by one day. When Barnum was born 200 … More >>

Reunion Renews Interest in Circus World Memorabilia (3/1/10)
This large 6 foot by 12 foot backdrop was restored and brought to the reunion by former Director of Facilities, Bill Hall. It was actually the large flag flying at the Circus World entrance.  With typical circus fanfare, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus World broke ground for its theme park on April … More >>

Memories of a Life in the Circus – Odds and Ends from the Big Top (2/2/10)
The Living Statues was a popular act during the 1920s and 1930s. Charlotte Shive is the Golden Indian in this tableau. This photo was taken by Harry A. Atwell and is valued at $75 to $100.In two previous articles, I shared experiences in the life of Charlotte (Shive) Maxwell, who spent 20 years performing with … More >>

The Circus Fraternity: My Friend Charlotte and the Ubangis (1/27/10)
The ash tray is marked on the bottom: © 1933 W.C. Anderson. It was probably sold in stores to capitalize on this widely publicized circus exhibit of the Ubangis, the saucer-lipped natives from French West Africa. The value is $150-200.  In an earlier article, I told the story of a dear friend, Charlotte (Shive) Maxwell, who ran away and joined … More >>

Fascinating Story behind Antique Sunburst Circus Wagon Wheel (1/13/10)
A Charlotte Shive publicity photo.Finding antique and odd circus equipment is difficult, but such items are highly treasured by circus collectors. Sometimes the provenance … More >>

Circus Toys Delight Collectors as well as Children (1/5/10)
This children’s composition pull-toy is just one of the many products created to take advantage of Barnum’s famous attraction, Jumbo. Value of this toy is about $50. A similar toy is also a bank and sells for $15-30. It’s interesting that these toys depict an Asian elephant. Jumbo was an African elephant.The circus has always been a popular theme for children’s toys, but these toys are seldom sought after by circus … More >>

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