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Magazine Articles Chronicle Circus Life of Yesterday and Today (6/8/09)
Time” Magazine, March 29, 1937 – Wild Animal Trainer Clyde Beatty.Stories featuring the circus have always been a popular subject for magazines. Collecting these magazines is an inexpensive way to … More >>

You Too Can Be a Circus Owner (5/26/09)
Howard C. Tibbals and the Howard Bros. Circus model—the largest miniature circus in the world—that has been more than 50 years in the making.Owning your own circus is just a dream for most folks, but for a few it is a reality. I’m … More >>

Circus Blogs: Inside Stories from Men with Sawdust in their Veins (5/12/09)
Buckles Woodcock, who hosts Buckles Blog, working with elephants in the 108th Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.Circus blogs are an open window to the circus worlds of today and yesterday. The best of these blogs is … More >>

Circus Museums and Collections (12/4/08)
The Tibbals Learning Center features the the Howard Bros. Circus, a three-quarter-inch-to-the-foot scale model of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey during the 1920s and 1930s. That was built over a span of 50 years.The circus is alive and well today, and the rich heritage of the past can be found in many museums … More >>

Is That Old Circus Poster You Found Authentic or a Reproduction? (11/3/08)
p-141So you’ve just found the most amazing circus poster online and want to bid on it. Or maybe you are thinking about buying one at an antique mall. How do you know it is real? Could it be a reproduction? You aren’t sure. What can you do? More >>

Circus Route Books – A Record of the Past (10/27/08)
Al G. Barnes Route Card Circus Route Books — A Record of the Past By Larry Kellogg More >>

Circus Books: Building a Solid Foundation for Collecting (10/7/08)
The Circus: 1870-1950,” by Noel DanielCircus Books: Building a Solid Foundation for Collecting By Larry Kellogg More >>

Mystery of the 1883 Ringling Bros. Handbill (10/1/08)
1883-ringling-bros-handbillThe five Ringling brothers first entered the tented-circus business in 1884 with a show they called Yankee Robinson and Ringling Brothers Great Double Shows and Caravan. The boys had been working toward this day for some time. [Note: For a more detailed look at the evolution of Ringling Bros. More >>

Circus Show Names and the Greatest Show Name of All Time (9/22/08)
1919 Poster announcing combination of Ringling Bros. with Barnum & BaileyWhen collecting circus memorabilia it’s important to be familiar with the names of the hundreds of circuses that have crisscrossed this nation since John Bill Ricketts gave his first show in Philadelphia in 1793. The best resource for this information is a book entitled Directory of American Circuses: 1793-2000 by Robert L. Parkinson. More >>

Circus Collector Fan Organizations (9/8/08)
Windjammers Unlimited LogoEverybody loves the circus. That may sound like a cliché but, it’s a fact. If you’re interested in collecting circus memorabilia and learning more about the circus, look no further. Below is information from the websites of some of the better known organizations and links to their web sites. Have fun! More >>

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