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Gus Wilson and One of His 100-Year-Old Decoys (11/11/10)
blogmaine8 Recently I received a call from a woman who had a decoy she wanted more information on. A local … More >>

Shooting the Stars: There is an App for That (10/25/10)
blogmarkIIb Last May I went on the trip of a lifetime. The opportunity came about when friends asked me a … More >>

Look with Your Brain, as well as Your Eyes, to Avoid a Costly Mistaken Identity (10/19/10)
blogcanvaswallet I was wandering around an antique mall in Tennessee one time a few years back and noticed some small … More >>

19th Century Black-Powder Flasks: Weapons & Militaria Collection Must-Haves (9/20/10)
91-51 While adding a new collection of black-powder flasks to my Web site, I reacquainted myself with flask terminology through … More >>

A Funny Thing Happened When I Opened An Antique Shop! (5/4/10)
When I first started my antique business, I opened in a mall where each shop was gated and manned by … More >>

Civil War Show Find: Finely Carved Spring-Loaded Lancet (4/5/10)
The parts of a spring-loaded lancet include the cocking mechanism (a), the trigger (b), and the blade (c), as seen on this highly engraved spring-loaded lancet by Kolb from Furth, GermanyMy father and I participated in the Civil War Show at the North Georgia Trade Center in Dalton, Ga., during … More >>

Delaware River Decoys Differ from Their Coastal Brethren (11/23/09)
This John Blair, Jr. pintail that sold for $47,500 at Guyette and Schmidt’s July auction 2009. This price was achieved due to its very good condition plus very desirable provenance. The decoy was acquired from the Blair family in the 1980s. Photo courtesy of Guyette and Schmidt.I recently wrote about the New Jersey decoys in general and of the coastal bays in particular (Hollow, Light-Weight Decoys … More >>

Hollow, Light-Weight Decoys Valued on the Jersey Coast and Delaware Valley (10/26/09)
Notice the area of attachment of the head to the body on this female Scaup by H.V. Shourds. The horizontal line where the two body halves are joined is obvious.The distinctive style of coastal New Jersey decoys was shaped by the method of hunting used in the area. The … More >>

Before Use in Home Décor, Model Boats Battled for Supremacy on the Ponds (10/20/09)
This hand-made schooner rig pond yacht is 43 long and stands 38 inches tall. It is a solid hull construction with lead inlet into the keel. Value in a retail setting is about $850.Pond boats have been used extensively in home decorating for 20 plus years. They have a simplicity and beauty of … More >>

Duck, Duck, Goose II: A. Elmer Crowell Decoys Realize High Prices at Auction (8/25/09)
A nesting Canada goose by A. Elmer Crowell (1862-1952) sold for $661,250 at auction last month. (Photo courtesy Copley Fine Art Auctions)On July 15 and 16 of this year, Copley Fine Art Auctions held its sporting sale in Plymouth, Ma. Among … More >>

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