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Decoys: What Should I Collect and How Much Should I Pay? (12/29/08)
This Pintail drake decoy by an unknown maker realized $125,000.00 at Guyette and Schmidt auction this November. (Photo courtesy of Guyette and Schmidt)When asked “What should I collect?” the answer every dealer and collector will give is: “Collect what you like.” In … More >>

Tools of the Trade: Amputation Saws (12/29/08)
This is a mid-19th-century medical chain saw with checkered ebony handles.You know, if you read my blog on amputation sets, that amputations were the surgical procedures most performed during the … More >>

Horn Bleeding Cups (12/11/08)
Set of five graduated horn cupping cups with a brass twelve bladed scarificator. I sold the set of horn cups for $450 and the scarificator goes for about $250 to $350 today.Jury Rigged Horn Bleeding Cups By Laura Collum More >>

Civil War Amputation Sets 101 (12/4/08)
a459cCollecting Amputation Sets 101 By Laura Collum One hundred-forty-six years ago, in December of 1862, 72,000 Confederate and 106,000 Union soldiers clashed in what is now called the Fredericksburg Campaign. When it was over, Fredericksburg was still in Confederate hands and 5,200 Confederate and 12,700 Union soldiers were injured or killed. More >>

Is this Decoy Real? (11/17/08)
This decoy was painted with large blocks of color instead of detail.How Can You Tell If Decoys Are Real? By Laura Collum People who come in my shop look at all the decoys and often ask, “How can you tell if they are real?” Apart from the metaphysical question, what people mean by that is “are they old and were they really used as duck hunting decoys?” More >>

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