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Laura Trueman
Laura Trueman

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Using Social Media to Increase Your Business: Blogging Draws Customers (1/23/13)
blogging (1)We recently talked about how to utilize social media in a way that would be easy for you to control, … More >>

Putting the Question ‘What Would Round Out Your Collection’ to Discerning Collectors (12/15/12)
BuddyBoldenBandSometimes there are some real perks to working in my industry. Antiques and collectibles are interesting and fun, but supplying … More >>

Go with Vintage and Mismatches to Funkify Your Holiday Decorations (11/20/12)
indian corn candleOne of the pleasures I get every year during the holiday season is making interesting and inviting holiday table settings … More >>

Don’t End Up on Page 44 of a Web Search: Use Social Media for Online Dealers (10/25/12)
facebook screenSo much has changed for all of us over the last year and a half. The economy stalled, people are … More >>

Helping Decorate Homes of the Rich & Famous (7/7/12)
PORCELAIN BABY BATHIn general, people have a strange misconception of what the homes of the rich and famous should and do look … More >>

It’s A Mad Men World—Providing Vintage Howard Johnson Props for the TV Series (6/4/12)
mmlogoCalling all Mad Men fanatics! What did you get to do last summer? Try not to envy us, but we … More >>

Need a Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift? Just Ask Your Local Antiques Dealer (2/13/12)
Marilyn Monroe MerlotRoses are red, violets are blue, find me a Valentine’s gift that is really special for my significant other and … More >>

The Adventures of Prop Girl: Supplying Vintage Items for ‘Men in Black III’ (10/3/11)
met31I think my new name should be Prop Girl. I could be like an antique/memorabilia superhero in Movie Land. Recently, … More >>

Running Guns for a Mobster: Providing Prop Pistols for Hollywood’s ‘Public Enemies’ (2/28/11)
public_enemies01Being an antique and memorabilia dealer is the most fun job in the universe. I get calls from prop masters … More >>

Unusual Family Mementos: Granddad’s FBI Wanted Posters (10/25/10)
MGA9198FBIWNA_50[1] Years ago, I came across a bunch of FBI wanted poster cards from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. I … More >>

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