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Laurie McGill
Laurie McGill

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A Life Well Lived (11/17/08)
A Wedding in a Land of Dolls, LIFE magazine  9/12/1955A Life Well Lived By Laurie McGill On June 18, 2008 I turned on my computer to find an email from the Tudor Family: More >>

Doll Collecting Traces Roots to the 18th Century (10/7/08)
United Federation of Doll ClubOrganized Doll Collecting Traces Roots to the 18th Century By Laurie McGill More >>

Doll Terminology (10/6/08)
Jan FoulkeDoll Terminology By Laurie McGill The following is a list of frequently used doll terms, based in part on the Glossary, published by the United Federation of Doll Clubs in 1978, and Jan Foulke’s 12th Blue Book of Dolls & Values, published by Hobby House Press, Inc. All-Bisque: a miniature doll, typically under 12 inches, made entirely of bisque. More >>