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A Moment In Time: Collecting Antique Photographs (5/29/09)
Daguerreotype and two Ambrotypes from B. L. Williams Collection Used with permissionAs I was busily dusting photos of various family members whose faces line the stairway of our home I was … More >>

What Do You Collect—Or—Is There Anything You Don’t? (4/26/09)
July 1794 Magazine and LadyWhile I was browsing around at a antique show I attended recently, one of the booths’ dealers asked me, “So, … More >>

Reproduction or Antique? How Best to Enhance a Doll Collection (3/24/09)
Clairmaid Parian, circa 1966, my personal collectionWhen talking with a doll collector, the conversation inevitably turns to those dolls that make up our “dolly dreams.” We … More >>

How Much Is That Dolly In The Window? (2/24/09)
Baby Aero – Noel Barrett Antiques & Auctions Ltd. (used with permission)In the world of antiques, just because something is old does not make it particularly valuable. Likewise, just because a … More >>

The Parisian Poupée….French Fashion Dolls (10/12/08)
The exact purpose of French Fashion dolls have caused much speculation. There are few if any unaware that Paris, France has a long history of defining what the current ideals of fashion and beauty are. More >>

Goodyear Rubber Head Dolls (10/12/08)
American Charles Goodyear was born in 1800 and died in 1860. His father Amasa Goodyear was a pioneer in the manufacture of American hardware and was the inventor of a steel hayfork which replaced the heavy iron fork. The invention of the steel hay fork expedited and thus lightened the labor of field work. His father also manufactured the first pearl buttons made in America. More >>

Etiquette In A Polite Society….Funerals (10/9/08)
When one thinks of Victorian Funerals we draw a picture of a polished black hearse, fine horses adorned with black ostrich plumes on their heads and ladies dressed completely in dull black with long black crape mourning veils. It is a fact that many funerals during the Victorian Era were very elaborate and were a means of showing ones status. More >>

Hair…That Which Survives Us (10/9/08)
During the 19th century everyday was shadowed by death. Out of every 20 babies born 3 would die before their first birthday. Victorians viewed death as a natural part of the life cycle. The strict rituals regarding Victorian Mourning came about due to two factors. More >>

Wax Dolls…Poured, Reinforced or Wax Over? (9/28/08)
The production of wax dolls began in the late 1700′s and continued into the early 1900′s. The vast majority of poured wax dolls were produced in England by doll makers such as Pierotti, Montanari, Meech, Peck and Marsh. Henry Pierotti made the first baby dolls and used the children of Queen Victoria as models. These dolls are known as Royal Model Babies. More >>

Early Papier Mache Dolls….Delicate Beauties (9/26/08)
China invented Papier mache and was using it during the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD) to make helmets which were covered with many layers of lacquer to strengthen them. If you check the dictionary for the etymology of Papier Macheit it is French and literally means chewed paper. More >>

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