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Linda Carannante
Linda Carannante

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Telling Between Real and Reproduction Cherry Blossom Depression Glass (5/19/09)
The reproduction Cherry Blossom butter dish is on left—the actual butter dish is on right.Cherry Blossom is just one of the hundreds of Depression glass patterns produced. It happens to by my favorite so … More >>

Collecting—A Special Memory (12/16/08)
Pink Cherry Blossom Butter DishCOLLECTING  -  A SPECIAL MEMORY My obsession with glass began at the age of 16 with a pink Cherry Blossom Cup … More >>

Depression vs. Elegant Glass (11/30/08)
Candlewick Muddler, Imperial Glass, 1943-55Depression Glass vs. Elegant Glass: What’s The Difference? By Linda Carannante One big misnomer that I often hear is the assumption that all Pink and Green Glassware is Depression Glass. This isn’t always the case, and the pieces in question may very well be Elegant Glass. So what is the difference and where did these names come from? More >>