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Why I Love Yard Sales (12/23/07)
Yard sales sometimes offer a jackpot for collectors. You’ve probably seen the stories on Antiques Roadshow about people who’ve purchased art, tapestries, vases, or figurines by the side of the road for very modest amounts. Then it turns out that their finds from 20 years ago, which have been stashed in a closet, are actually worth thousands. More >>

Music = Memories (12/16/07)
My addiction to music began when I was about 10 years old, with my first transistor radio, listening to the WMCA Good Guys (on the air from late 1960 to 1970 out of NYC). The constant rotation of the Top 40 insured that I learned all the lyrics to “Wooly Bully”, “Help Me Rhonda”, “I Got You, Babe” and dozens of others. That’s when Cher became my idol. More >>