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Putting Together a Vintage Halloween Party: Great-Grandma Used Dennison’s Bogie Books (10/24/14)
1913 Dennison’s Bogie BookHalloween parties in the United States became popular during the 1880s and 1890s, when they were held primarily as social … More >>

Starting a Vintage Halloween Collection not a Scary Proposition (10/23/14)
The earliest versions of commercial jack-o-lanterns were painted glass globes from Germany and date to around 1905Halloween, as we know it today, became popular in the United States in the late 19th century when a flood … More >>

Lost and Found Visuals: The Art and Value of Vernacular Photography (8/14/14)
Collectors of found photography look for scenes from a bygone era with mini narratives to imagine. The old photograph was pasted into a scrapbook and had crusty brown rubber cement seeping around the edges. The image … More >>

Jacqueline Kennedy Letters Pulled from Auction Raises Questions of Ethics, History (6/9/14)
Photographs and transcripts of these letters, written by Jacqueline Kennedy from 1950 to 1964, appeared in The Boston Globe on May 13, 2014. (Photo: SheppardWhen published lots are abruptly taken off the auction block, there is usually controversy involved. That is certainly true of … More >>

The Great Restoration Debate: Should You Rebind or Recover Your Collectible Books? (4/15/14)
spinesBook restoration can make a damaged book look much better, but it is expensive. Restoration is a sound decision for … More >>

Paranormal Photo Album Far Exceeds Expectations at Auction (1/20/14)
Katie KingAs an appraiser, I try to scan the results of auctions in my interest area so I can stay on … More >>

The Values of Antiquarian Books are not always Astronomic (12/4/13)
The Whole Booke of PsalmesWhen the Bay Psalm Book sold for a record $14.2 million on Nov. 26, I wasn’t surprised. After all, it … More >>

‘Introducing…. The Beatles’: A Story about a First Collectible (11/15/13)
introducing...I’m old and I can’t remember anything. So when my editor asked me to write about my very first collectible, … More >>

Haunting Photographic Images of Early Halloween Costumes are Desired Collectibles (10/27/13)
halloween photos 1Halloween’s roots arguably date back thousands of years to Celtic harvest traditions. But the celebration in the form we know … More >>

Collectible Vintage Cookbooks: Which are Tasty Treats and which are Past Their Prime? (9/9/13)
submarineIn my business, I visit (and work at) a lot of estate sales and antique stores. It’s always amazing to … More >>

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