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Online Buyers Be Prepared—Tips for Avoiding Reproductions (6/12/12)
Titanic NewspaperReproductions, counterfeits, copies, knock-offs, forgeries, facsimiles, replicas, phonies, fakes . . . It doesn’t matter what they are called, these … More >>

Items in the News Drive WorthPoint’s Top Searches for the First Quarter of 2012 (4/30/12)
Norma Jeane BakerA peek at WorthPoint’s top searches is always a fascinating exercise. It provides real insight into what people are buying, … More >>

It Takes a Little Luck O’ the Irish to Secure St. Patrick’s Day Collectibles (3/12/12)
candy holder 1Enthusiasts who collect vintage holiday decorations greatly enjoy the hunt for St. Patrick’s Day items, especially rare pieces from the … More >>

When Collections Lose Value: Why Some Collectibles Don’t Hold Their Prices (2/13/12)
She Loves YouIt is disheartening to discover that a prized collectible you bought 20 years ago is no longer worth what you … More >>

John J. Audubon’s ‘The Birds of America’ Sells for a ‘Bargain’ at $7.9 Million (2/6/12)
ivory-billed woodpeckersAs an accredited book appraiser, book dealer, book collector and book lover, I am always thrilled to see a rare … More >>

Collecting Antique Lithographed Toys – The ‘Bliss’ of the Hunt (12/12/11)
SantaThe development of a printing method for making chromolithographs radically changed book publication during the middle of the 1800s because … More >>

Dining with Antiques – Christmas Rosettes (11/28/11)
Christmas RosettesIn the 1840s and 1850s, northern Europe experienced a wave of crop failures and food shortages that resulted in a … More >>

How to Know When Toss-Away Books Could Yield Big Treasures (11/14/11)
Unframed 1881 Vero Shaw chromolithographs from “The Illustrated Book of the Dog” sell for $45 to $85 eachWe’ve all seen piles of old and broken books at estate sales; the spines are stripped off, the covers are … More >>

Top 10 Worthopedia Searches for the 3rd Quarter of 2011 (10/10/11)
popeye shoesIt’s time for the quarterly roundup of the Top 10 Worthopedia searches—and this quarter there were more than 5.5 million … More >>

125 Years of Coke: An Interview with Coca-Cola Collectors Club’s President (9/26/11)
Coca-Cola trayThis year, Coca-Cola marks the 125th anniversary of the creation of the famous beverage, first introduced as a fountain drink … More >>

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