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Dining with Antiques – White House China (8/15/11)
hayes 1In the United States, official state dinners are formal events hosted by the President in honor of visiting heads of … More >>

Dining with Antiques – Dinner with Salvador Dali (8/2/11)
dali“At the age of 6 I wanted to be a cook,” wrote Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali in his 1942 autobiography. … More >>

Dining with Antiques – Ancient Roman Pottery (7/18/11)
Two-handed cupIn the previous installments of “Dining with Antiques,” we have so far covered a variety of vintage recipes and collectible … More >>

Top 10 Worthopedia Searches for April-June 2011 (7/11/11)
Frank Williams CDVIt’s time for the quarterly roundup of the Top 10 Worthopedia searches and, as usual, I was fascinated by the … More >>

Dining with Antiques – Pierced Sterling Serving Pieces (7/5/11)
Gorham LuxembourgWealthy Victorians had a formal, unique serving utensil for almost every kind of food—oysters, asparagus, bone marrow, crackers, fruit preserves, … More >>

Dining with Antiques – Gelatin Molds (6/20/11)
Old German copper fish moldGelatin—the translucent thickening agent made from animal collagen—has been in use as a food additive for thousands of years. It … More >>

Dining with Antiques – State Drinking Glasses & Beverages (5/31/11)
AZThe states in the union take great pride in their uniqueness and individuality. There are state birds, state colors, state … More >>

Dining with Antiques – Metal Lunch Pails (5/10/11)
Green Turtle cigar tinThe first lunch pails were simply wooden or tin buckets covered with a folded cloth on top to keep out … More >>

Dining with Antiques – Monet’s Dishes (5/3/11)
MonetThe breathtaking impressionist paintings of Claude Monet (1840-1926) have spawned a collectible industry of giant proportions. Prints, posters, coffee table … More >>

Dining with Antiques – Pyrex Casseroles (4/25/11)
1971 Moon Deco patternA growing interest in Mid-Century Modern collectibles is sweeping through many parts of the U.S., as furniture and decorative arts … More >>

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