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The Appraisal Process – Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (4/13/11)
lampAppraisers are often asked questions about how the appraisal process works and whether or not an appraisal is even needed … More >>

Top 10 Worthopedia Searches for the Year 2010 (3/8/11)
mantle-berra cardWriting about the Top 10 Worthopedia Searches seemed like it would be a lot of fun, because it’s always so … More >>

Famous Classics and What They’re Worth – ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (2/21/11)
Frontispiece and title pageBooks that can sell for $100,000 or more at auction are rare indeed. They are purchased by museums, libraries and … More >>

What is My Antique Worth? Simplifying Appraisal Values (9/14/10)
gavel & moneyDid you know that a single item can have several different appraised values? In fact, when you “Ask a Worthologist” … More >>

Pictures that Illustrate Thousands of Words: Collecting Original Illustrative Art (9/7/10)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Some book collectors collect books based solely on the illustrations, and for good reason. Many books from the late … More >>

Collecting Arthur Conan Doyle: The Original Sherlock Holmes Stories (5/31/10)
A Study in Scarlet” appeared in the magazine Beeton’s Christmas Annual in 1887, introducing the iconic characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle, born in Scotland in 1859, attended medical school and set up a medical practice in Portsmouth, … More >>

The Origin of the Chocolate Easter Bunny – Collecting Antique Chocolate Molds (3/29/10)
A 12-inch T. C. Weygant and Company mold of a rabbit holding his hat. This mold is noted for its fine detail.How can we think of Easter without a chocolate bunny? Today, the foil-wrapped confections are mass-produced by the hundreds of … More >>

Minor Book Repairs – Sprucing Up Your Old Friends (2/18/10)
It is okay to do some minor maintenance on some old books, like that beloved Hardy Boys copy you’ve had since the 7th grade. Favorite old books are like friends. But they can start to show wear with handling and age. While restoration of … More >>

Buyer Beware: Recognizing the Different Types of New ‘Antiques’ (2/8/10)
This is an example of Franciscan Apple—one of the most popular dinnerware patterns ever made. I was introduced in 1940, and because it is still in production today, you need to be able to tell the difference in vintage Franciscan Apple and more modern items.The popularity of antiques and collectibles has naturally resulted in the creation of copies. It’s a sad fact that almost … More >>

Caring for Old Books: Top 10 Dos and Don’ts (1/12/10)
Sliding a book off of a shelf.  A vintage book’s value can vary tremendously based simply on its condition. For a particularly rare and collectible book, the … More >>

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