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Lynda Kolski
Lynda Kolski

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Antique, Vintage Society Silk Embroidery—Painting with a Needle and Thread (1/14/13)
siilk 1More than a century ago, women created amazing works of art with a needle and silk thread. Known as society … More >>

Grain & Feed Sacks Begin as Utilitarian Tools but Soon Become Basis for Fashion (11/5/12)
grainsack 3It’s not unusual for a customer to walk up to my display of European grain sacks and exclaim, “My grandmother … More >>

1940s & ’50s State Souvenir Linens Make Great Collectibles Today (7/23/12)
souvenir_inens_-_7Summer’s here, the kids are out of school and it’s time to pack up the car and hit the road! … More >>

Barkcloth: The Quintessential Mid-Century Modern Fabric (12/21/09)
Bright-colored floral and leaf patterns on barkcloth were used frequently for drapery panels like these. For many of us, it doesn’t seem that long ago that we couldn’t wait to get rid of those heavy … More >>

All Knotted Up – Tatting Laces All Sorts of Antique Linens (12/15/09)
An early handkerchief with an elaborate tatted design.Tatting is a unique type of knotted lace that was popular from the 19th century through the middle of the … More >>

Marghab Linens—The Finest Embroidery Ever Made (4/23/09)
Yellow and white Margandie and linen placemat and napkin in the Iris design.Imagine a tablecloth of the finest Irish linen, embroidered with the best French embroidery floss in a design of exquisite … More >>

Bold, Vibrant Vintage Wilendur Tablecloths and Kitchen Linens (3/26/09)
Wilendur’s popular dogwood pattern came with several different colored backgrounds, including dark green and white.Some of the most popular items in collectible linens today are the brightly colored printed tablecloths of the 1930s-1960s. These … More >>

Whimsical Tammis Keefe Handkerchiefs (1/26/09)
Tammis Keefe did a series of linen towels and handkerchiefs with dog and cat themes. This momma cat and her kittens came in several different color schemes.By Lynda Kolski WorthPoint Worthologist If you’re a collector of handkerchiefs, scarves or printed kitchen textiles, then you’ve probably come across some … More >>

The Exquisite Needlework of Appenzell Embroidery (1/5/09)
towels are nice examples of Appenzell embroidery, although because they are only floral without any figures, they are not as highly desired.Some of the finest white-on-white hand embroidery comes from a small town at the foot of the Alps in northeast … More >>

Caring for Vintage Linens and Textiles – Part Two (12/26/08)
antique-ironThe Stains are Out – Now What Do I Do? Now that they’ve been washed, the linens are clean and ready … More >>

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