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Maggie Turnipseed
Maggie Turnipseed

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For Appraisers, the Learning Process Never Ends (2/28/11)
isalogoWhen one becomes a personal property appraiser, your education never ends. It is an ongoing learning process. You are continually … More >>

Locomotive-Shaped Iron Could be a Real Money Train (7/10/09)
This locomotive-shaped iron, owned by a WorthPoint member who used WorthPoint’s consignment service to place it in auction, may go for more than $10,000 next month. With almost pristine original paint and pin striping, it is apparent that it was hardly used, if ever.For WorthPoint member Marilyn Detwiler, this locomotive-shaped iron may be a money train. Marilyn contacted WorthPoint, requesting information through Ask a … More >>

Dressed Fleas and Flea Circus are Not Necessarily for the Dogs (5/11/09)
Lisa Townley’s great grandmother’s bride and groom “pulgas vestidas” or dressed fleas. One of the most unusual and interesting Ask A Worthologist questions that we have come across was posed by Lisa … More >>

Big Finds in the Oddest Places—Cut Glass Flask (4/21/09)
1226639I have always thought the life of an archeologist would be a life of excitement, with heart-racing finds from civilizations … More >>

‘The Myriopticon, A Historical Panorama: Rebellion’ (4/10/09)
‘The Myriopticon, A Historical Panorama: Rebellion’The name “The Myriopticon, A Historical Panorama: Rebellion” is not one that rolls off the tongue very easily, and “Myriopticon” … More >>

Chatelaines (7/17/08)
The word “chatelaine” means keeper of the castle. The person trusted to have the keys. More >>

Sterling Tea Balls and Infusers (6/5/08)
Tea balls, also known as tea infusers and tea eggs, were most popular around 1890 to 1910. Tea balls are perforated metal ball-shaped containers in which tea leaves are placed. The infuser/tea ball is placed in a cup or pot of hot or boiling water, allowing the tea to brew without loose tea leaves spilling into the pot or cup. More >>

How to Remove Stains from your Antique China, Pottery and Porcelain (5/23/08)
Image and video hosting by TinyPicHave you ever passed up purchasing a wonderful piece of art pottery, flow blue, transferware or any other collectable ceramic or porcelain because it had horrible crazing or other stains? I know I have. Condition, condition, condition is the mantra that has been drilled into our heads. Only buy the best when purchasing our collectables and antiques. More >>

Hat Pins, A Deadly Weapon? (5/22/08)
Hat Pins, a Deadly Weapon? More >>

Is it Bakelite? (3/25/08)
There are many types of collectible plastics. Distinguishing their traits and characteristics can be challenging. More >>