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Mark Jaffe

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Chris Hughes—Seeking a Collectible’s History (4/26/09)
World War II war correspondent army uniformThe airborne trooper’s uniform was a mystery—who was he, where did he serve? There was no name attached with the … More >>

Christopher Kent: A Man for All Styles (4/21/09)
1840 Japanese vaseChristopher Kent walked into the “Gray Goose,” a Charleston, South Carolina junk shop piled with debris and dust. “There were flea-bitten 1950s armchairs that should have been given a good burial,” Kent said. “It was the sort of place that makes you want to disinfect yourself when you leave, frankly just my sort of place.“ More >>

Ladies, Gentlemen and Collectors of All Ages . . . (3/3/09)
santa-elephant-croppedAbout once a year, some small circus would make its way to Council Grove, Kan., and when it did a … More >>

Stamenic’s Antique Carpet Ride (1/26/09)
Bakshaish village rugBy Mark Jaffe Zoran Stamenic’s grandfather was a woolmonger and carter in a small Serbian town near Belgrade. His grandparents’ home … More >>

Have an Ox-citing New Year (1/22/09)
Chinese New Year Ox by LladroBy Mark Jaffe While the economy may be dominated by talk of bulls and bears, when it comes to the Chinese … More >>

The Addictive Art of Collecting Books (1/20/09)
1859 edition of "Origin of the Species"When it comes to the rare, antique or collectible book, for a serious collector, there is more in play than … More >>

Turnipseed Reaps Diverse Collecting Crop (1/12/09)
Examples of BakeliteIt started with a cardboard box at a garage sale purchased for $1. In the box was a plastic jewelry … More >>

‘Indiana’ Morgan: Hunting for Antiquities (12/30/08)
As a boy, when Indiana farmers did their spring plowing, Rob Morgan would do some harvesting—his crop, Indian arrow points, … More >>

Has the Glass Bubble Burst? (12/19/08)
Sachems BottleWhile not exactly Indiana Jones pursuing the ark of the covenant, Bill Lindsey—Worthpoint’s expert on antique and collectibles bottles—managed to … More >>

Vintage Watches: Art Meets Technology (12/15/08)
A Coca-Cola vending machine on the fritz, a misfiring auto engine and an 18th-century pocket watch in need of restoration … More >>

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