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Andy Bernstein: License to Collect (11/8/08)
A few years ago, Andy Bernstein, WorthPoint’s expert on the growing and increasingly complex market for antique and collectibles license plates, made a trip to France and packed 400 automobile license plates in his suitcase. “I was able to pay for the trip with those license plates,” said Bernstein. More >>

An Archaeologist Who Digs Beads (10/28/08)
Editor’s Note: Dolores Elliott’s background may be in archaeology, but her lifelong love is Iroquois-beadwork antiques and collectibles. More >>

Flags: collectibles that are keys to art and politics (9/28/08)
When seven-year-old Tom Carrier watched the 1963 televised funeral of the assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy what caught young Carrier’s eye was not the black-draped caisson or the rider-less horse, boots inserted backwards in the stirrups, or the color guard – it was the solider marching behind the coffin with the Presidential flag. More >>

Papalexises: Making Their Mark on Collectibles (9/23/08)
John Anderson saw the porcelain figural group on eBay with a mark of crossed swords of a German Meissen collectibles piece at slightly more than $800. The courting scene between a gentleman and a lady made him think it would be a wonderful gift for his wife on their 20th wedding anniversary. The price seemed fair—or was it? More >>

Alex and Elizabeth Papalexis’ offers Web-based answer to for Internet collectors (9/14/08)
John Anderson saw the Porcelain figural group on eBay, with a mark of crossed swords of a German Meissen piece at slightly more than $800 –- a seemingly reasonable price. The courting scene between a gentleman and a lady looked to imminently collectible and he thought it would be a wonderful gift for his wife on their 20th Wedding Anniversary. The price seemed fair – or was it? More >>

Warlick: Mr. Presidential Collectibles (8/20/08)
In 1980, Jim Warlick arrived at the Democratic National Convention in New York City with a pile of “Jimmy Carter for President” buttons to sell. That was the start of Worthologist Warlick’s career in campaign and political collectibles. More >>

Jim Warlick: From Peanuts to Buttons (8/12/08)
In 1976, a young Jim Warlick was doing campaign fieldwork for peanut farmer turned presidential candidate Jimmy Carter. In addition to the usual campaign wherewithal, Warlick had been given a large carton of Jimmy Carter peanuts. “Each bag had a picture of Jimmy Carter on it and about 15 peanuts. I’d eat the peanuts and drink beer,” Warlick said. More >>

Thom Pattie and the Art of the Auction (7/10/08)
Chief Worthologist Thom Pattie started out as a utility company linesman stringing cable and putting up transformers – clearly a long way and high up from the antiques and collectibles business. More >>

Controversial Housing Bill Includes Provision to Tax E-Commerce (6/29/08)
While both house of Congress have been working with dispatch to pass a massive 630-page bill to aid homeowners facing mortgage default – on June 24 an amendment was slipped into the legislation that would have a marked impact on Internet commerce for collectibles, antiques, as well as for small businesses. More >>

Howard Lau: The man who know baseball card tricks (5/28/08)
A mother and her nine-year-old son walked into Worthologist Howard Lau’s Houston Sports Connection in search of baseball cards. The boy hadn’t been much interested in collecting until baseball cards became a major topic of discussion among the kids on his baseball team. How should her son collect cards the mother asked? More >>

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