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Mark Peer
Mark Peer

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An Introduction to Marine Timekeepers (2/9/09)
Clepsammia, widely known today as the sandglass or hourglass.This article could also be named “An introduction to transportation clocks,” because these types of clocks were used by navigators, … More >>

Astronomical Regulators: Clocks Built to Keep Solar Time (1/2/09)
condliff1-gwAstronomical regulator clocks have a history with deep roots in the scientific community. These clocks needed to be the most … More >>

RINKER ON COLLECTIBLES—Column #1122 (11/25/08)
If It Was Not for the Bad Customer Service, You Probably Would Never Buy Anything from an eBay Seller More >>

Timely Deals at Clock Auction (11/13/08)
Editor’s Note: Mark Peer, WorthPoint’s Worthologist specializing in antique clocks, reports on the recent Fontaine’s auction that featured many spectacular antiques. More >>

Collecting clocks? Join the club! (9/3/08)
Learn how to repair clcoks and watchesIf you like old clocks, are curious or just like to fix intricate mechanisms, have a look around at More >>