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Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Kate Manko on Younger Collectors (1/10/12)
kate mankoMartin chats with a young & fun American folk art dealer who began collecting at age 5! Listen in as … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_1", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMi8wMS85Ny1yZS1lZGl0LXhtYXMtTWFua28ubXAzA"}); More >>

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: A Discussion about Victoria Mansion (1/3/12)
Martin steps into the beautiful Victoria Mansion in Portland, Maine and speaks with curator, Arlene Palmer Schwind and director, Tom … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_2", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMi8wMS85Ni1WaWN0b3JpYS1NYW5zaW9uLm1wMw"}); More >>

Antiques Auction Forum: Noel Swift on Japanese Tin Space Toys (12/22/11)
This week Martin interviews avid antique & vintage toy collector Noel Swift, who has a passion for Japanese tin space … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_3", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMS8xMi85NS10b3lzLm1wMw"}); More >>

Antiques Auction Forum: Ron Burkey on Hot Militaria Trends (12/12/11)
ron burkeyThis week Martin visits with knowledgeable dealer/collector Ron Burkey in Portsmouth, N.H. They discuss militaria trends, what is hot and … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_4", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMS8xMi9yb24tYnVya2V5Lm1wMw"}); More >>

The Auction House Diaries: How a Drunken Auctioneer Set My Career Path (12/6/11)
Morgan Willis 1I guess you could say that our family got in the antiques auction business because of drunkenness. Most people would … More >>

Antiques Auction Forum: Allan Breed & 18th-Century Cabinetry (6/20/11)
In this week’s podcast, I visit with master craftsman Allan Breed at his shop & School of Fine Woodworking in … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_5", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMS8wNi84Ni4lMjBBbGxhbiUyMEJyZWVkLm1wMw"}); AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_6", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMS8wNi84Ni4tQWxsYW4tQnJlZWQubXAzA"}); More >>

Antiques Auction Forum: Paul DeCoste on Aaron Willard Orrery & Ivory Scrimshaw (6/7/11)
Martin visits veteran dealer Paul DeCoste in Massachusetts who specializes in antique marine & scientific instruments. They talk about Paul’s … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_7", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMS8wNi84NS4lMjBQYXVsJTIwRGVDb3N0ZS5tcDM"}); More >>

Antiques Auction Forum: Janine Skerry on Silversmith Matthew Boulton (5/19/11)
In conjunction with the American Decorative Arts Forum, Martin, along with co-host Susan Doherty, interviews Janine Skerry of the Colonial … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_8", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMS8wNS9KYW5pbmUtU2tlcnJ5LUludGVydmlldy5tcDM"}); More >>

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Paul Brown of TV’s Auction Kings (4/27/11)
This time around, Martin welcomes a repeat guest Paul Brown from the cable TV program Auction King’s, who talks about … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_9", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMS8wNC83OC5fQXVjdGlvbl9LaW5nc193b3J0aHBvaW50Lm1wMw"}); More >>

Antiques Auction Forum: Louisiana Acadian & Creole Furniture, 1735-1835 (4/19/11)
In conjunction with the American Decorative Arts Forum, Martin Willis, along with co-host Susan Doherty, interviews Cybele Gontar, co-author … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_10", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxMS8wNC9DeWJlbGUtR29udGFyLUludGVydmlldy5tcDM"}); More >>

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