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Charles Place Apts.,Leaves (11/14/08)
minnie mouse, whereLet me share something with you, the grounds around the complex, a few of us “seniors” call our ” Waiting For God” home, really do not have a lots of beautiful blooming trees, but do we ever get the leaves all over the place,on your cars, trucks, walkways. the colors are great and very ” Fall” like. ….But the leaves are another thing. More >>

Summer fun … Stay at home with family ..GGG Gas Prices (7/2/08)
Never in our Nations history have prices for Gas for my truck , has me applying for a large loan. We can’t go out to dinner, movie, shopping,or just plain riding,reasons : High,High gas price here in all states. Now at $4.00 for regular unlead (the bottom of the barrel stuff) This increase in prices has stopped most ” seniors ” from visiting there Doctors and buying their Meds. More >>