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This Week in Geek 5/29 (5/29/08)
Welcome to a rare new comic’s Thursday edition of This Week in Geek. Since Monday was Memorial Day the boys at the post office and UPS got the day off and new comics day moves from Wednesday to Thursday. This can be traumatizing for serious comic junkies but those of us who have been collecting for a while plan ahead. More >>

The Comic Speculator: Indiana Jones (5/20/08)
Cover of Indy and the Sargasso Pirates #2This Friday marks the big-screen return of Indiana Jones, nerd-dom’s favorite fedora-wearing archaeologist and I like most nerds couldn’t be more excited. I get goosebumps every time I hear the theme song. More >>

This Week in Geek 5/14 (5/15/08)
Cover of Captain Britain and MI13 #1It’s Wednesday again and that means it’s time to get a swift kick in my wallet. No I’m not talking about $3.69 a-gallon-gas, I’m talking about yet another mammoth new comic day. Don’t get me wrong the price of gas is insane. More >>

This Week in Geek 5/6 (5/14/08)
Cover of The Man With No Name #1New comic day almost killed me this week. More >>

The Comic Speculator: Barry Allen Lives! (5/9/08)
Cover of Flash #225DC Universe #0 hit the new comic stands this week and started a firestorm of rumors about the return of Barry Allen, the Silver-Age flash. The story even found legs in the Associated Press and was printed in The New York Times. Click here to read the story: More >>

Hispanic Heroes of the Marvel U (5/9/08)
Ronin revealing herself to be EchoContinuing my theme of Hispanic Superheroes, today we’ll be looking at a few of Marvel Comics famous Latinas. While the list of Marvel’s Hispanic heroes is slightly longer than DC’s I was a little shocked to notice that there were no major-first tier characters on it. I’m not pointing any fingers here, just making an observation. More >>

The Comic Speculator: Doom vs Iron Man (5/5/08)
Cover of Iron Man #250With the Iron Man movie premiering this week, I have goose bumps just thinking about it, I thought it would be a good time to highlight one of my favorite runs of ol’ shell-head’s comic. In the 80′s David Micheline and Bob Layton redefined Tony Stark’s character making him the Iron Man we know today. More >>

This Week in Geek 4/30 (5/4/08)
Cover of DC U #0Happy DC Universe day true believers! More >>

What condition are my comics in? (4/26/08)
Marvel Premiere #3 graded at a 9.6 by CGC, Near Mint conditionWhen discussing comic books you often will see certain terms thrown around to describe book’s condition; like “Very Good+”, “Near Mint” and “Fine”. When represented properly, they can be very helpful, especially when buying comics on-line and you can’t directly see what you’re getting. More >>

This Week in Geek 4/23 (4/25/08)
Cover to Godland 22Now that Pennsylvania has muddied the waters of the race for the Democratic Presidential Candidate even more it’s time we as Americans focus on something that matters. Batman is going to die! More >>

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