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Kwanzaa (12/8/08)
Kwanzaa— the weeklong holiday celebrating African heritage—comes from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza “first fruits” and is a source of craft collectibles now. More >>

So nice to be here at last (12/8/08)
Splendid to be here, i’m looking forward to reading the many weired and wonderful entries within this site. Thanks to all of you Worthologists for making it happen………… Blessings to one and all Kabella South Sydney More >>

Lladró Conducts Historic Auction (12/7/08)
Editor’s Note: Lladró porcelain sculptures are prized and coveted collectibles. Fourteen exquisite pieces are being offered in an online auction. More >>

I think this first entry will be a TEST. I thought I’d write this BLOG and reveal some reasearch tips. This is a great link for researching BOOKS that are available for purchase online. 60 million BOOKS!!! There are several other sites, but this one is my favorite. The most read BOOK of all time was The Bible Author: God Copies sold: 6,000,000,000 More >>

Approaching The Brooch (12/6/08)
Amber and Topaz Rhinestone Vintage 50Girls let’s get glamorous for the up coming holidays and add a little glitz for those parties and special evenings out. Men love it when we look special and you will feel great too. More >>

What’s in for Fall and Winter Jewelry (12/6/08)
Flirty, bold and big are in for fall and winter accessories and jewelry is no exception. More >>

The Day All Hell Broke Loose (12/3/08)
It was a glorious morning in Hawaii, one like so many others. Sun, balmy breezes, a heavenly paradise in the Pacific. More >>

a pair of ridgways plates (12/2/08)
does anyone have an idea what they are worth and is the red number on the back the date ? More >>

Blinky the Clown Closes Antiques Shop (12/2/08)
It wasn’t the West’s swankiest antiques store, but Blinky’s Antiques and Collectibles in Denver might’ve had the region’s most unusual—and friendliest—proprietor. A retired clown. More >>

When Should I Restore an Antique or Fine Art Painting? (9/24/08)
7c3b2063f6395f9eb7303740751e7054When you’re considering buying an item or a painting that needs repair, as an antique dealer, you might ask yourself … More >>

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