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If You’re Hearing that Metal Buzz, it Must be Time for Electric Football (1/24/13)
Total Team ControlAs a games journalist, I am beholden to be completely honest with my readers. And I will be completely frank: … More >>

Collect Games if You Like, but Remember They’re a Wonderful Way to Connect (12/21/12)
Holiday Games Photo 4Over the many words that I’ve been writing about collectible tabletop and video games here at WorthPoint, I’ve tried to … More >>

One Game to Rule Them All: An Authentic Tolkien Middle-Earth Experience (12/17/12)
hobbitThis Christmas season at the movies finds Middle-Earth returning to screens in the first installment of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of … More >>

Speculators Lose, Gamers Win with New Printing of ‘Crude: The Oil Game’ (11/14/12)
Crude coverA common theme in board game collecting is that games come in and out of print, and that no longer … More >>

The Fury of Dracula—the Best Horror Board Game Ever Published (10/30/12)
fury of draculaFor part 2 of our WorthPoint Halloween board games spook show (read Part One here; last year’s article here), I’m … More >>

Arkham Horror Brings H.P. Lovecraft’s Spooky Writing to Life in a Board Game (10/22/12)
Arkham Horror boxIn last year’s Halloween article, I presented readers with a couple of very expensive, very collectible board games with spooky … More >>

Two Vastly Different Tabletop Games’ Takes on the ‘War on Terror’ (10/10/12)
labyrinthWith the passing of another year since the 9/11 attacks of 2001, and in light of recent Islamic unrest in … More >>

The Maddening Search for the Holy Grail of Video Game Collectibles (9/25/12)
red-sea-crossing-2600In an age where the potentially infinite reproduction of electronic media all but makes the concept of rarity obsolete in … More >>

Win the Presidency: Collectible Presidential and Election Board Games (9/4/12)
centennialWith red, white and blue bunting as far as the eye can see and campaign speeches abound, the Republican National … More >>

Collectible Warcraft Board Games Have a Bright Speculative Future (8/20/12)
warcraftUnless you’ve been living in isolation somewhere on an Internet-free remote island—or if you just don’t really pay any attention … More >>

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