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Recreating the D-Day Invasion Through Vintage Table-Top Board Games (6/12/12)
axis and allies D-DayThe world marked the 68th anniversary of D-Day last week, the day when the Allies began the bold invasion of … More >>

Vintage Dark Shadows Games: No PhD in Applied Vampirology Required to Play (5/16/12)
dark shadows 1By the numbers, the cult classic, gothic horror soap opera Dark Shadows ran for a whopping 1,225 episodes during the … More >>

Collectible Superhero Board Games Look Great but Play isn’t Always Superpowered (5/2/12)
heroclix-ironman1Excitement for “The Avengers” movie, which will bring together some of Marvel Comics’ mightiest—and most profitable—superheroes, is building as favorable … More >>

Doomed from the Start: Games about Titanic Tragedy Flounder with Public (4/18/12)
sinking of the titanic boxApril 15th, 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The facts in the case should be … More >>

Rarity of Space Race ‘Astron’ Game Sends Values Rocketing Through the Roof (3/28/12)
Astron 1As a game player and a collector, I’ve actually managed to get my hands on pretty much every game I’ve … More >>

Reprints of Out-of-Print Board Games Roil Collectibles’ Values (2/28/12)
arkham horror oldOver the past 10 years, board game collecting has seen tremendous changes, particularly in the hobby sector. As the Internet … More >>

Dark Tower: Finding the Game and Playing the Game are both Adventures (2/7/12)
dark towerThese days, there are relative few Holy Grail-class collectibles or out-of-print collection showpieces for the board game collector. Over the … More >>

Magic: The Gathering—The Origin of the Collectible Card Game Gold Rush (1/9/12)
Magic the Gathering cardsWhen I was in college back in the halcyon days of the early 1990s, I remember sitting in a literature … More >>

Shall We Play a Game? An Interview with a Board Game Über-Collector (12/20/11)
DanBaden 1Dan Baden is a published board game designer who has a multiplayer simulation of United Nations negotiation coming out in … More >>

The Rise and Fall of the Great Sid Sackson Gaming Collection (11/29/11)
Sid SacksonSid Sackson is regarded by many to be one of the most important and influential game designers of all time. … More >>

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