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Michelle Staley

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Those Four Mop-Topped Lads from London—The Beatles—Invaded America 50 Years Ago (2/7/14)
beatles on sullivan 1If you were on this earth on Feb. 9, 1964, I’ll bet dollars to donuts you remember what you were … More >>

Christmas Memories of My Mom, the Antique Collector, Dealer and Family Historian (12/19/13)
mom and my girls  Around this time every year, I get a bit melancholy. It is difficult to think about the upcoming holiday season … More >>

Repurpose and Recycle to Ease Tight Holiday Gift-Giving Budgets (12/19/13)
teacup candleMoney is tight for everyone… well, at least everyone I know. So why not repurpose some of the items you … More >>

Vintage Cookbooks: Time Traveling In the Kitchen (12/9/13)
war meal recipeI am a book lover, and collector and cookbooks are a large part of my collection. There is just something … More >>

My Obsession with an Antique Cylinder Music Box (10/22/13)
DSCF0816Have you ever visited an antique shop, saw something that you fell in love with, didn’t purchase it and then … More >>

Beanies, Dolls and Plates: The ‘Valueless Collectibles’ (8/22/13)
jennifer dollWe all know that the Beanie Baby craze was a wild ride for a couple of years. People were actually … More >>

The Agony and Ecstasy of Owning a ‘Priceless’ Painting (8/9/13)
rembrandt and saskiaSeveral years ago, I purchased a beautiful painting at a garage sale for $3. The scene seemed very familiar, but … More >>

How to Sell Your Antiques, Collectibles and Vintage Items (7/1/13)
il_fullxfull.268294122Most antique dealers and collectors find that there comes a point when the need arises to sell a few items. … More >>

Steve Santini: A Collector of Things from the Dark Side (5/23/13)
steve (1 of 1)Steve Santini. Does the name ring a bell? From the moment I first saw him on TV, I had me a … More >>

Michelle’s Antique Road Trip: A Shopping Gem on the Missouri River (5/9/13)
exterior jeffs shopI am all about quaint little towns with history, antebellum houses and terrific antique shopping. Fortunately, we have such a … More >>

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