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Michelle’s Antique Road Trip: A Shopping Gem on the Missouri River (5/9/13)
exterior jeffs shopI am all about quaint little towns with history, antebellum houses and terrific antique shopping. Fortunately, we have such a … More >>

Baking Cookies and Making Paper Chains: It’s Just Family Christmas Traditions (12/11/12)
vintage felt elvesI started thinking about Christmas traditions when my sister-in-law recently purchased an “Elf on the Shelf” for her children. My … More >>

A Pair of Court Cases with Implications for Antique Dealers and Resellers (10/30/12)
bobcatThere are a couple of items that I recently became aware of which could seriously impact all of us who … More >>

Old and First-Edition Books are Valuable … But Not Always (10/23/12)
old cat in hatA book appraisal I did this past week got me thinking about the common misconception that just because a book … More >>

Michelle’s Antiquing Road Trip: Touring Texas and Oklahoma (8/28/12)
paul merron sign3I recently returned from an amazing trip through Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas with my eldest daughter, Jennifer, and my … More >>

Michelle’s Antique Roadtrip: Cruising and Antiquing in Southeast Iowa (6/8/12)
jewelry store front iowaLast month, my good friend Phyllis and I took a three-day trip to Iowa. I live in the Kansas City … More >>

For Antiques Businesses to Survive, We Must Cultivate a Younger Consumer Base (4/17/12)
canningjarbuttonsAs an antique dealer and collector, as well as a business owner, I am always looking for new ways to … More >>

Take Advantage of Slow Winter Months to Reconsider how to Run Your Antique Shop (2/6/12)
antiques signIf you have read my previous articles on running your antique shop or antique mall as a business instead of … More >>

Making it Work: Mike’s Unique Collectible & Antique Flea Market (1/24/12)
repurposedflowerplatesI recently took a short trip to Springfield, Mo., to meet Mike Cook, the co-founder and co-owner of Mike’s Unique … More >>

Fighting Against the Misuse of the Rare, the One-of-a-Kind and the Antique (1/3/12)
silver spoon ringHow can you tell a true antique dealer with years of experience from someone who is just trying to make … More >>

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