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Try Your Local Antique Store for Last-Minute Gift-Giving Needs (12/22/11)
maastrichtteadrinkerI know it’s getting late, but if you still have some shopping to do, please rethink shopping the big box … More >>

My Disappointing Antiquing Road Trip through Western Kansas (12/13/11)
oldhardwarestoreI recently went on a two-week trip to south-central Colorado. The reason for the trip was two-fold; 1) to visit … More >>

Haunted Antiques: Do Some Items Retain Ghostly Emotions of Original Owners? (10/24/11)
sleepingdollI hope that the title has piqued your interest in this article and I am fairly certain that a few … More >>

Guaranteed to Fail: Running an Antique Shop without Common Sense, Basic Business Skills (9/26/11)
no-saleLast week I was asked to “check up on” a building owned by some friends of mine who are in … More >>

When Antique Shopping is about More than the Goods (9/13/11)
earhart homeEver since I was a little girl I have marveled at the architecture and grandeur of Antebellum and Victorian era … More >>

Turn Your Antique Shop into a Profitable Business – Part 2 (7/28/11)
internet pageIn Part 1 of Turn Your Antique Shop into a Profitable Business, I laid out some basic suggestions to jump-start … More >>

How to Turn Your Antique Shop into a Profitable Business – Part 1 (7/12/11)
antiques signWhether you sell antiques, collectibles and memorabilia online, rent space in a mall or are the owner of a brick-and-mortar … More >>

Summer Antique Shopping with Smarts & In Comfort (6/13/11)
Antiques Outside IVSummer is my favorite time of year for a couple of reasons: 1) the weather is warm (I am not … More >>

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