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Collector’s Minute: Changing Times and Market Trends (1/19/11)
superman robot lunchboxIt’s a common conception among the general public that the values of antiques and collectibles march ever upward, that an … More >>

Collector’s Minute: First Commercial Christmas Card (12/21/10)
FirstchristmascardTo collectors, there is always a “Holy Grail” or the “Stuff of Dreams” for their category of collecting, for which, … More >>

Collector’s Minute: Santa Claus Andirons (12/20/10)
santaandironsNothing says Christmas like a good Yule fire, and what would be more appropriate than Old Santa warming himself by … More >>

Collector’s Minute: Christmas Plates (12/20/10)
christmasroyalcopenhagenChristmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all the tradition and decorations. Precious memories stored away in boxes attics and basements along … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Rookwood Vellum Plaque (12/14/10)
rookwoodsaxVale E. has an unusual piece she inherited four years ago. Not knowing exactly what she had, she engaged “Ask … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Dresser-Designed Minton Porcelain Vase (12/7/10)
mintonsgrandpaAnne J. has a piece of porcelain that her grandfather had picked up in England during the Second World War. … More >>

Collector’s Minute: White Eagle Statue (11/30/10)
whiteeaglegas Large iron or bronze eagle figures or statuettes like the one pictured left are generally “architectural salvage” from 19th-century … More >>

Collector’s Minute: Ivorex and Plaster Plaques (11/16/10)
ivorex Appraisers & dealers often run across odd items that their owners are convinced are made of some exotic, hand-carved … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Victorian Student Lamps (11/8/10)
nickelstudentlamp  As reward for helping some friends pack for a move, Susan M. received what she believed to be a Victorian … More >>

Collector’s Minute: Albert Ludovici Prints & Puzzles (11/2/10)
coachingdays The artist Albert Ludovici Jr. (1852-1932) was a member of British Royal Academy of Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, member of … More >>

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