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All in a Name: Titanic Items (Genuine and Phony) Chase Movie’s Popularity (6/16/09)
A creamer in a pattern that was supposedly the same pattern used on the Titanic. The Wisteria creamer image (above right) is courtesy of Titanic Mementos. One thing that can really raise values for antiques & … More >>

Sometimes the Difference Between a Copy and an Original Isn’t Much (6/11/09)
An original Gustave Stickley recliner. The seats have been recovered; originally they would have been dark brown/black.We are often asked about “Mission Style” furniture, people see a piece of Mission furniture by well known makers such … More >>

How Much Does the Previous Owner Impact the Value of an Antique or Collectible? (6/8/09)
A Tiffany’s silver ladies tape measure sells for about $225. But the one owned by Jackie Onassis brought close to $50,000. The difference, or course, is the fact that she owned that particular item, making it much more valuable than any other of its kind.With appraisal work, no one aspect affects value in the short term more for an antique or collectible than an … More >>

How to Appraise an Item with Feet in Multiple Markets (5/19/09)
While appraising this 1908-09 Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. “St. Bernard Mission” model Mission-style pool table, one must look at different markets to find the true value.When appraising any item, appraisers are faced with the possibility of having to examine more than one market to determine … More >>

The Origin of Royal Doulton Porcelain (5/19/09)
An example of a Toby character mug, this one a bootmaker from the “D” series.Porcelain and china firms usually take their names from the company’s founder. In 1815, John Doulton became a partner with … More >>

Stickley Furniture Crafted by Another Stickley (3/26/09)
This ornately carved rocker is a Stickley, but not Gustav Stickley’s work; it was made by brother Charles Stickley and the Stickley-Brandt Furniture Company. When they are identified for what they are, these ornate Stickley-Brandt rockers often sell in the $600- $800 range.The best known Stickley furniture, and the most valuable on today’s market, hailed from the workshop of Gustav Stickley (1858-1942), … More >>

Mystery of ‘Chandler’ Paintings Solved with a Little Detective Work (3/23/09)
A painting signed simply with the name “Chandler” turns out to have been created by the “W.H. Chandler and Co.” of New York City. Founded by William Henry Chandler, the company produced paintings for sale in department stores in the late 1800 and early 1900s. Seascapes, like this one, were the rarest of all Chandler pieces, and can sell for upwards of $500 today.Over the years, I have come across a great many pastels but never put two and two together regarding the … More >>

Pseudo Silver Hallmarks and What They Really Mean (2/13/09)
A genuine English HallmarkOne thing that confuses novice collectors more than anything else is “silverware,” a term that one would think implied the … More >>

Art Nouveau Weller “Baldwin” Series Umbrella Stand (12/26/08)
Weller umbrella stands can still be found in the $200 to $300 range, but the "Baldwin" line piece, such as this one, routinely sells in the $750 to $1,000 range at auction.Every dealer and collector has a soft spot for certain styles and periods of design that is almost a case … More >>

Porcelain Figurines: Antiques or Reproductions? (12/26/08)
cybisNo one item is more misunderstood than porcelain figurines. The trouble starts, I suppose, from the fact that certain styles … More >>

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