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Getting a ‘Handel’ on a Valuable Lamp & Shade (12/26/08)
Handel ShadeEvery now and again we are asked about items that, at first glance, would be considered to be yard sale … More >>

Schuco Toys (11/10/08)
schuco pigThis Schuco Pig Violinist is a Pre World War Two example made by Schuco in the 1930’s, values for these depends a great deal on their condition. The famous German toy maker Schuco had it’s start in the Schreyer & Co , formed by Heinrich Muller and Heinrich Schreyer in 1912, the company was renamed “Schuco” in 1921. More >>

Not All “Limited Editions” are Equal (9/19/08)
An often perilous venture for collectors is that of the “Limited Edition.” The whole term “Limited Edition” has fallen on hard times of late, debased by its use to include mass produced collectibles from stuffed toys to Elvis memorabilia. Few of these items even retain their original retail value, let alone increase in value. More >>

Prosper d’Épinay (French, 1836-1914) (9/9/08)
Prosper d’Épinay (French, 1836-1914) was born to aristocratic parents who emigrated from France to More >>

Illustrator: Aubrey Vincent Beardsley 1872-1898 (9/8/08)
Aubrey Vincent Beardsley was born in Brighton on 21 August 1872 and early showed artistic ability, acting and playing in … More >>

Spelter, The Great Pretender (9/4/08)
Spelter figurines and busts of this type were produced in great numbers during the late 19th Century, most were based on Greek and Roman Classical works or originals of famous 19th Century sculptors. The spelter examples were made as an inexpensive option to the expensive bronze examples produced by noted artists such as Frederic Remington, Auguste Rodin, P.J. Mene and A.L. More >>

Across this Appraiser’s desk (8/28/08)
As an Appraiser one here’s some pretty amazing stories about items from their owners, like great- great-great Uncle Jack’s sword from Bunker Hill, meat platters that were taken into Kentucky by Daniel Boone and copies of the Constitution found in an old trunk. More >>

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