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Collecting Die Cast Cars in French Blue, 1937 to 1997 (3/16/13)
Pictorial - French Blue, Miniature Cars - 1937 to 1997By Doug Breithaupt French cars are not often represented in miniature compared to those of other nations. Even more of a … More >>

Ferrari’s Fabulous 308GTB/GTS (3/15/12)
Ferrari’s Fabulous 308GTB/GTSFerrari’s Fabulous 308GTB/GTS by Doug Breithaupt Hot Wheels – 308 GTB Maisto – 308 GTB Matchbox – 308 GTB Matcbox – 308-GTB Racer Matchbox – … More >>

Becoming a Collector of Vintage Bakelite Jewelry (8/2/10)
Bakelite Bangle 1 Once you have decided you want to start collecting vintage Bakelite jewelry, you need to get started somewhere. And … More >>

Chatelaines: The Lady of the House’s Tool Belt (2/1/10)
In 1871 the fashion of wearing châtelaines was revived by Princess Alexander of Wales, who wore one. They remained in vogue for another 20 years. Worn by housewives or housekeepers, the numerous chains carried a wide range of useful objects. This châtelaine is made of cut steel with a deep hook, which attached over the womanA chatelaine is a brooch or clasp, worn at the waist, from which trinkets keys, and useful items are suspended. … More >>

Shelley Pottery – Post-War Shapes and Designs (1/27/10)
This is a Shelley cup and saucer with a large Cappers Rose  floral design and in the Stratford shape with a green handle and gold trim, pattern number 2392, made between 1959-1966.Shelley pottery during the 1920s and 30s was held in high esteem, not only by the retailers in the United … More >>

Proper Fabrics for Dolls’ Clothes: Dressed in Only the Best (1/20/10)
This child’s coat and bonnet set, circa 1920, was made from the antique winter white wool fabric, adorned with embroidery and silk ribbons. The bonnet and the coat are fully lined, and the coat closes with five tiny pearly glass buttons.One of the many tragedies of modern life is the switchover from natural fibers to those composed of synthetic substances. … More >>

Imperial Art Glass: Elegant Stretch Glass (1/12/10)
Fabulous Imperial Art Glass stretch ruffled bowl. The pattern number is 3380 and the piece has the Imperial Glass Company logo, circa 1920.Imperial Art Glass is, without a doubt, the most elegant of the stretch glass lines, not only because of its … More >>

North American Hooked Rugs: The Indigenous Folk Art (1/12/10)
Hand hooked oval rug made of wool on burlap in floral design, circa 1940. Since the middle of the 19th century, the practice of making hooked rugs have come in and out of fashion … More >>

The Qings’ Little Masterpieces: Snuff Bottles (1/5/10)
This antique carved snuff bottle, which was made in China in the 19th century, stands 3 ¼-inches high. The surface is wonderfully carved with tiny people, all in movement, who seem to be waving flags, amongst a natural scene with classic Chinese rock formations and trees. Contact with the West greatly influenced Chinese applied arts, none more so than the culture pertaining to tobacco-related habits. But … More >>

History of Thanksgiving Day (11/23/09)
The Ladies’ WorldAs a fans of antiques and collectibles, whose interest in history is peaked by the things we collect, we thought … More >>

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