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Basic Training for Those Starting an American Toy Soldier Collection (9/9/09)
A toy soldier riding a motorcycle made by Barclay, one of the original American toy soldier manufacturers.For many of today’s adults, lead soldiers are toys that our parents or grandparents played with. By the time they … More >>

The Thrill of the Hunt: Netting a Rare Butterfly Table (9/8/09)
The William & Mary figured maple butterfly table with block vase and ring turned legs that had been so elusive. A few years ago, Steve Fletcher—the lead auctioneer of Skinner Auction Gallery in Boston—had just accepted a glass of water … More >>

Have a Yen for Goofies, Ringers and Igloos? — You’ve Been Bitten by the Button Bug (9/2/09)
A collection of Victorian buttons, including a gorgeous high relief Geisha with Parasol, cranes with a tree and a Samurai made of brass and copper. In a St. Louis hotel elevator during a convention, several women were talking about the judging of their trays of … More >>

Simple Tips Can Help You Salvage Keepsakes After a Fire (9/2/09)
firefightersA fire can have devastating effects for anyone. Now, imagine your collection of art, antiques or collectibles suffering through a … More >>

Even if you Can’t Hit ’Em Straight, You Can Still Find ’Em and Collect ’Em (9/1/09)
A golf ball with the Old Bushwood Country Club logo.Creating a logo golf ball collection is easy. Adding to it takes a little ingenuity. Ask me. I know from … More >>

Getting Down to the ABCs of Learning and Collecting (9/1/09)
These old wooden toy blocks, made in the early 20th century,  feature letters of the alphabet, as well as drawings of animals, etc. Some of them are faded and the edges are worn. While many kids across the country have already gone back to school, and others are joyously trying to use up … More >>

Card Tables You Don’t Fold Up and Hide in the Closet (8/11/09)
An example of a mahogany card or gaming table with one board top from the late 18th century. The table has stitch inlay on the edge of the leaves and cuffing on the tapered legs. The secondary woods are poplar and white pine. The table is believed to Salem, Massachusetts-made, circa 1790.When you think of a card table, does your mind take you back to those cheaply made vinyl-covered wood metal … More >>

How to Detect Repaired Porcelain, Art Pottery & Clay Pieces (8/10/09)
Chips on the top rim of this Weller Art Pottery vase were professionally and invisibly restored by Old World Restorations, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio.Antiques and collectibles enthusiasts often find themselves frequenting community charity auctions, local antique shows, neighborhood garage sales and internet web … More >>

Take Steps Now to Prevent Winter Damage to Outdoor Art (8/5/09)
Winter weather can play havoc on your outdoor statuary. This 19th century plaster cast of a copy of the statue of David is showing sings of weathering. Now, before the leaves start falling, is the time to prepare your outdoor art for the winter.People love their gardens, and that includes many wonderful old statues and other ornaments made of stone and metal. But … More >>

The Celery Vase: A Prominent Way to Serve an Exotic Vegetable (8/4/09)
An example of an early American Pattern Glass celery vase. This over-sized goblet with crimped lip, in the Venus & Cupid pattern, was produced by Richards & Hartley between 1875-1884 and by U.S. Glass after 1891.According to the early nineteenth century writer Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in “The Physiology of Taste,” gastronomy required “intelligent knowledge of … More >>

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