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‘Hey, Taxi!’ Cab Service on a Small Scale (8/1/09)
1964 Chevrolet Impala sedan by MatchboxThe taxi cab is a common sight on the streets of any city. For small-scale die-cast collectors, the humble cab … More >>

Bugs with an Eye for Art: Insects Can Destroy Art and Antique Treasures (7/28/09)
Damage done by insects to the frame and stretcher of an oil painting.I have had customers come to me with oil painting on which they recently noticed small holes developing near the … More >>

Napkin Rings the Final Touch on a Finely Set Table (7/22/09)
french-sterling-silver-napkin-ring-monogrammed-marococoSterling silver napkin rings in Rococo design (left), engraved flowers and scrolls with an entwined C and P (center) and … More >>

Big Ben: The Iconic London Landmark Appears on Thousands of Collectibles (7/20/09)
The Big Ben clock tower and the House of Parliment in London, England. Big Ben is one of the iconic images of London and has appears on thousands of collectible items over the last 150 years.Big Ben is probably the most famous clock in the world, and is one of London, England’s best known landmarks. … More >>

Sheffield and Silver Plate: What to Look For (7/14/09)
Elegant Opaline glass & silverplated butter keeper, circa 1870, in Classical Taste by Joseph Rogers of Sheffield, England. The social background for the discovery of the methods of plating on copper used in the Sheffield process is quite … More >>

Early Indian Motorcycles: Leaders of the Racing Pack (7/13/09)
An example of an early Indian motorcycle. With a pedigree as a fine racing machine, Indian sales skyrocketed in the first two decades of the 20th century.Oscar Hedstrom was probably the first American to literally incorporate an internal combustion engine with a bicycle. Oscar, a former … More >>

Reversing the Effects of Time: What to do with Damaged Art and Antiques (7/13/09)
A painting udergoing restoration.Q – I have several old oil paintings that have been in my family for years. They have become discolored … More >>

Any Way You Look At It, the Fiery Opal Is Certainly a Thing of Beauty (7/13/09)
This large and spectacular vintage opal ring is finely crafted in solid 14K yellow gold. The center opal measures 7mm x 5mm, and surrounding gems are 6mm x 4mm each. The total weight for these colorful gems is about 2.71 carats.If you were born in the month of October, then in all probability you know that your birthstone is Opal. … More >>

The Story of the Pre-Tractor John Deere Company (7/6/09)
John Deere alarm clockIf you live anywhere near a farm or field or orchard, you’ve no doubt seen one of the ubiquitous John … More >>

Collectors Shine a Light on Early Lanterns Varieties (7/1/09)
An example of a pierced “Paul Revere” lantern. This one is made of copper.When we see lanterns used as decorative objects, it’s hard to imagine that they were once among the only sources … More >>

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