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Saving the World: How to Restore Antique and Vintage Globes (7/1/09)
Antique and vintage globes, even if they are damaged, can have a useful and productive second life with a little work.Globes were initially engraved or painted directly on spherical shells. In the late 16th century, globe-makers began printing maps and … More >>

Sèvres: The History of Porcelain Fit for a King (6/23/09)
One of a pair of Clodion vases, made at Manufacture Royale de Porcelaine de France, and given by Louis XVIII of France to Monsieur, his brother, future king Charles X. Hard-paste porcelain and gilt bronze, 1817.There is a porcelain factory in France that in 1752 was designated as the Manufacture Royale de Porcelaine de France. … More >>

Wacky Racers Offer a Crazily Customized Die-Cast Collection Category (6/23/09)
Red Baron”Having a 4-year-old in the house is a great way to keep young. My son, Bentley, like most children his … More >>

19th-Century Fine Dining Symbolized by Tiffany Flatware (6/3/09)
A Tiffany & Co. sterling silvers flatware place setting in the Vine patternVictorian silver flatware has long been appreciated for their elaborate patterns and exquisite craftsmanship. It is doubtful that the vogue … More >>

Kentucky Rifles: How to Gauge the Quintessential American Firearm (6/1/09)
A Kentucky style American rifle by Blunt & Syms of New York. It features a .44 caliber 38-inch octagonal barrel and a back action lock with a double set trigger.Surprisingly, one of America’s earliest triumphs in artistic and functional design, the “Kentucky rifle,” was not invented or generally fashioned … More >>

Ceramics: Wartime Heroes Slip the Collector’s Net (6/1/09)
A ceramics worker paints a design onto a plate with enamel at the J & G Meakin factory in Hanley. These plates were to be exported to South America to generate income for the battered British economy during World War Two.The Second World War has been described and examined from every angle possible and still holds a great fascination for … More >>

Things Go Better With Coke—Collectibles (5/6/09)
800px-coca-cola_logosvgAhh! It’s Delicious! Refreshing! Invigorating! Exhilarating! It’s how you “Refresh Yourself.” It makes good things taste better and is America’s … More >>

One Cottage Industry Whose Wares Have Proved Timeless (4/27/09)
As early as the 1760s, several English companies were making cottages in both porcelain and pottery, to be used as pastille burners. (A pastille is a small pellet of an aromatic paste, used either to fumigate or deodorize.) The small cone of something like charcoal or gum arabic was saturated with the fragrance to be used, placed on a base, lit, and covered with the cottage. The perfume rose up the chimney and helped rid the room of the many odors always present in homes of the day.Over the last few years collecting cottages, especially those made by the company Dept. 56—such as the Original Snow Village … More >>

Antique Maps: Roads to the Past (4/20/09)
1647 Blaeu mapAntique maps are a connection between the past and present. These often striking collectibles show how the world was or … More >>

The Shakers’ Purity Extended to Style (4/15/09)
shakersEditor’s Note: The Shakers were, unquestionably, a very strange sect, but that didn’t stop them from producing what are now … More >>

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