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Art of the Glaze: Collecting North Carolina Art Pottery (4/8/09)
This unsigned North Carolina ring handle art pottery vase with decorative ring lug handles on the top sides is advertised as made by Arthur Ray Cole in the 1940s. By A. Everette James, Jr. (All items shown in this article are availabe for purchase through Click on the photos … More >>

Tips for Keeping Collectibles Safe (4/1/09)
chinese-vaseBy Dr. Stephenie Slahor Whatever makes up your collection, be it art, antiques or collectibles, you want to enjoy it. Whether … More >>

Folk Art: So Much More than Grandma Moses (3/25/09)
American primitive oil paintingEditor’s note: The charm of folk-art collectibles reaches far beyond rural artists. Learn what folk art really is, and see … More >>

Ferraris: Fast-and-Furious Yellow from Hot Wheels (11/15/08)
Ferrari’s Fly in Yellow from Hot Wheels Ferraris usually come in red, but Hot Wheels produced a line of the famous Italian race cars in yellow, which … More >>

The El Camino in 1:64 (2/11/08)
The El Camino in 1:64by Doug Breithaupt For many years, fans of Chevrolet’s El Camino have had little to collect in small-scale diecast. That has … More >>

Coming of Age: Toys in Early America (7/31/07)
A drawing of a largely unclothed Indian girl with her new doll.American toys actually predate recorded history. American Indian children played with the smaller versions of their parents’ items, right down … More >>

All Kinds of Smoke Can Be Hazardous to Art and Antiques (6/27/07)
A smoke-damaged painting.Smoke is, in essence, energy that does not burn completely during a fire. Combustion occurs, giving off heat, light, carbon … More >>

A Survey of Chevrolet Nomads in 1/64 Scale (2/18/07)
A Survey of Chevrolet Nomads in 1/64 Scaleby Dave Weber, images Doug Breithaupt The year was 1954 and was the first time a Chevrolet Nomad was introduced to … More >>

Yat Ming Mistakes Make for a Perfect Collection (2/18/07)
Yatming Mistakes Make for a Perfect Collectionby Raed Ammari As a die cast collector, you tend to compare not just the models or the manufacturers, but you … More >>

The Less-Than Fairlady: Nissan’s 280ZX (2/18/07)
The less-than Fairlady: Nissan’s 280ZXby Brian Willoughby For almost 10 years, Nissan’s original Z car had dominated the American sports car scene, becoming, along the … More >>

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