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Rebekah Kaufman (SteiffGal)
Rebekah Kaufman I am a third generation lifelong Steiff collector. My German grandmother kindled my love for the brand over four decades ago, and I am the proud steward of many of her childhood Steiff treasures. My passion became my vocation for several years when I had the pleasure of working for the US division of Margarete Steiff GmbH. I am a regular contributor to the publications "Teddy Bear and Friends", "Doll Reader", and the global "Steiff Club Magazine", where I write about vintage Steiff. I am also the admin on the Steiff Facebook fan page, the National Steiff Examiner on, the social media manager for New England Antique Shows, and the Steiff Worthologist on I truly lead the "Steiff Life."


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Is Barbie on Her Last Legs? What’s Happening in the Collectible Fashion Doll Marketplace? (10/23/14)
barbie-closeup-new-cropWith Barbie sales apparently in the “doll-drums,” collectors can’t help but wonder what the future holds for their beloved play … More >>

Radar O’Reilly’s Teddy Bear from ‘M*A*S*H’ TV Show Hammers for $14,000 (3/31/14)
RadarWhen a “national treasure” prop or costume from an iconic Hollywood movie or television show becomes available at auction, it … More >>

Going Out Like a Lamb: Steiff’s Sheep Collectibles (3/24/14)
Worthpoint LambAs the end of March quickly approaches, it’s hard not to think of the old adage about the month: In … More >>

It’s Actually Kinda Easy Being Green: Steiff’s Great Green Frogs (3/14/14)
Steiff Early Cappy FrogA good theme for this week around these parts would have to be green. Spring is just about here (I … More >>

These Early Steiff Treasures Have a Presidential Seal of Approval (2/17/14)
Richard Steiff Inventor of the Teddy BearWith today being the President’s Day holiday, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at Oval Office-inspired … More >>

A Valentine’s Love Story Through Steiff Dolls (2/10/14)
dog kissEvery enthusiast has extra-special items in his or her collection—certain items that just take a gold medal for their rarity, … More >>

The Great Restoration Debate: Steiff Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals (1/27/14)
early postwar teddy babyOf course, every collector’s fantasy is to find their dream piece in pristine condition for $10 at a garage sale … More >>

Oh Baby! A Look Back at Steiff’s Toys for Tots from the 1970s and ’80s (1/20/14)
Steiff soft play cubeThe long-standing tag line for the Steiff Company, articulated by the founder Margarete Steiff at the turn of last century, … More >>

It’s Always Naptime with Steiff’s Vintage Sleeping Style Animals (1/13/14)
Steiff sleeping elephantI don’t know about you, but after a month of a few too many parties, second helpings, special holiday desserts … More >>

The 12 Days of Christmas as Represented by Steiff Stuffed Animals (12/19/13)
Steiff parakeetSo what is your favorite Christmas carol? For many people, that just might be “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” the … More >>

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