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Rebekah Kaufman (SteiffGal)
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Nipper, Rolly & Pip: Steiff’s Classic Commercial Canines (5/23/11)
Steiff Fox and HMVThe Steiff Company has a long history of producing character items that are popular in the culture of the times. … More >>

Steiff by the Sea: Cute Crustaceans & Fashionable Fish (5/3/11)
IMG_3503As the calendar turns to warmer days, many of us are starting to make plans for upcoming summer vacations. Some … More >>

It’s Rabbit Time: Steiff’s Bitty Baby Easter Bunnies (4/11/11)
IMG_3381There are so many reasons to love Easter—the family gatherings, traditional brunches, spirit of the holiday, lovely seasonal flowers, baskets … More >>

Steiff’s Belles of the Barnyard: Roosters & Hens (4/4/11)
IMG_3322While the Trashmen may have coined the term, “the bird’s the word” definitely fits when it comes to Steiff and … More >>

Spring Forward with Steiff’s Vintage Velvet Field & Forest Friends (3/22/11)
IMG_3257Spring is definitely in the air, and nature is starting to reveal its majesty once again. Right across the street … More >>

C’mon, Get Happy with Steiff’s Comical Clowns (3/8/11)
IMG_2245Ah, spring. The days are getting longer, and in many parts of the country, sweet signs of life are beginning … More >>

Steiff Commercial Production: HorZu’s Mecki and Micki Hedgehog (2/28/11)
IMG_3077Steiff has a long and interesting history of partnering with other companies and organizations to produce logos and mascots as … More >>

Pocket Toys: Steiff’s Oddly Marvelous Marsupials (2/14/11)
IMG_1606The other day, I was talking with a friend about Steiff and the tremendous range of animal species it has … More >>

Better Than Valentine’s Candy or Roses: Steiff’s Limited Edition Bling Bears (2/1/11)
IMG_2807Everyone loves a little bling, Steiff collectors and enthusiasts included. And there is no better time for a little delightful … More >>

Sniffing Out an Obscure Steiff Pup: Treff the Bloodhound (1/19/11)
IMG_2753Steiff brand Teddy bears, dolls and animals have been collectors’ favorites for more than 100 years. Their quality of manufacturing, … More >>

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