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Steiff Woolies – An Iconic Steiff Design (5/3/10)
Woll-Hase” or woolen rabbits. Please also note the original attached price tag still on the larger bunny’s foot . . . she was $2 at Bloomingdale’s in 1967, which translates into about $13 today. Also pictured is the Steiff woolie and mohair skunk from 1954-1978.Is it possible to hold the whole world in your hand? Well, yes, if you believe the lyrics to a … More >>

Long-Legged Lovelies: Steiff’s Iconic Lulac-Style Animals (4/20/10)
This 35-centimeter Steiff donkey from the 1950s shows the lulac style well, with its elongated legs. Steiff lulac animals from the ’50s are fairly rare, and can sell for more than $1,000.The Steiff Company has always been a pioneer in the toy industry. Steiff is best known for creating the first … More >>

Find of the Week: Steiff Easter Rabbit (3/29/10)
This 18-centemeter maize mohair Easter Rabbit was only produced in 1949 and was one of the very first Steiff items produced after the Giengen factory reopened after the Second World War.As the seasons turn from winter to spring, it is not too early to start thinking about Easter and all … More >>

Find of the Week: Steiff Teddy Baby (3/8/10)
This precious 9-cm Teddy Baby is from my personal collection; he is five ways jointed, deep chocolate brown, and has his signature tan velvet muzzle with a closed mouth and flat, broad feet. The 9-cm did not have the red leather collar. He is in pristine condition with his Steiff “raised script button” or RSB, crisp chest tag, and even his white linen “US Zone” tag stitched into his back seam. He dates from the very early 1950s. The Margarete Steiff GmbH Company in Germany invented the Teddy bear in 1902. Designed by Steiff family member Richard Steiff, … More >>

Find of the Week: Steiff Siamy Siamese Cat (2/24/10)
Here’s the “cat’s meow” of Rebekah’s Steiff cat collection, a 15 cm Siamy from 1953-1954.Cats are truly a legacy species for the Steiff Company. Felines of practically every breed, shape, and size have been … More >>

Find of the Week: Steiff Foxy Fox Terrier (2/11/10)
This is what Steiff calls “Foxy Fox” terrier. This particular Foxy is 10 centimeters tall, is stuffed with excelsior, and is in a sitting position.There is nothing more thrilling to most collectors than to find a dream item in a most unexpected place. As … More >>

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