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The Scandal of Clipped Autograph Cards (2/27/09)
This card featuring George Washington’s signature from a clipped document was recently on the market for $75,000.P.T. Barnum was dead on correct with the famous phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Although this saying can … More >>

Lincoln Victory Speech Nets $3.5 Million (2/20/09)
abraham_lincoln_half_length_seated_april_10_1865Although we are in a recession, the combination of passion, with money, of course, drives the market. In the autograph … More >>

Rare Garfield Appointment Signature (2/9/09)
garfield-appointment-sigJames Garfield held the second-shortest term as President of the United States. Only William Henry Harrison served a shorter term—in … More >>

Franklin Pierce-Jefferson Davis Signatures Document (2/6/09)
dscn1332One of the most unique things about this document is that it bears the original signatures of Franklin Pierce (who … More >>

Autographs (12/7/08)
Nothing is more exciting than holding a genuine autograph of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson in your hand. If you have the time, come and visit over 20 professional dealers, with years of experience in historical autographs and manuscripts. You will see a wide variety of autographs. From Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. More >>

What to expect on Ebay regarding autographs (12/3/08)
There was a time on eBay that one could by decent historical autographs at a fair price. With few exceptions, this is not the case anymore. It is not eBay’s fault, no more than it is a newspaper’s fault that you buy a lemon of a car. More >>

Washington Historical Autograph Show (12/3/08)
Come to our Historical Autograph Show and view for sale many historical autographs from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Einstein, Civl War, Revolutionary War and many many others. The show is on December 13 from 9 am to 4:30 pm at the Holiday Inn in Arlington VA (Rosslyn). More >>

Properly Framing your documents, prints and maps (11/13/08)
Paul Revere Signed DocumentProperly Framing Your Documents, Prints and Maps By Rick Badwey More >>

Collecting Historical Autographs – Basic info (9/25/08)
George Washington Presidential signed documentWhen collecting autographs, it is better to collect letters and documents and avoid clipped signatures (signatures that were cut from letters or documents). First, there is nothing historical about a clip, and Secondly, it is very hard to properly authenticate a clipped signature. Go for letters and documents and other “larger” items. More >>