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Paperweight Collectibles Find a Following (8/25/08)
Paperweight collectibles. If there ever was a collectible that hollered “Art for Art’s sake!” it was this one. Glass paperweights, with their colorful and complex designs, were always more aesthetic ornaments than functional objects to actually hold down paper or double as inkwells or toothpick holders. More >>

Good Antiques and Collectibles Questions = Better Answers (8/21/08)
At WorthPoint, we get questions, lots and lots of questions about art, antiques and collectibles. And we are dedicated to providing the best possible answers. More >>

WorthPoint and GoAntiques—Perfect Together (8/20/08)
What with 100 million avid collectors around the world and the global collectibles market estimated at $150 billion a year, combining two of the premier Web sites for art, antiques and collectibles was just common sense for Will Seippel, founder and CEO of WorthPoint, and Jim Kamnikar, GoAntiques’ president and CEO. More >>

More Stories on the American Presidential Experience and Jim Warlick (8/20/08)
Jim Warlick reveals what happens when a president comes to visit. Jim Warlick picks out some political collectibles featured in Worthopedia. More >>

Air Force One Lands at INVESCO (8/20/08)
The last 100 yards were the toughest. On Tuesday, Steve Cannaby’s careful re-creation of Air Force One was just a short taxiway from the gates of Denver’s INVESCO Field at Mike High where Barack Obama will accept the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. But like many journeys, there were a few unexpected twists and turns at the end. More >>

Chicago Cubs Collectibles: Home-Run Investments (8/19/08)
As memorabilia collectors, we are always looking for that next great investment. Sure, we acquire collectibles because we genuinely love them, but most of us usually have financial incentives in mind when we buy them. More >>

Vietnamese Antiques Take Big Euro Hit (8/19/08)
A strange mix of art, antiques and collectibles news leads off with a multimillion-dollar miscalculation by the Vietnamese when auctioning a sunken treasure, followed by a collector who didn’t like paying for his artwork and finally, a 1938 Alfa Romeo takes Best of Show. More >>

Air Force One “Flies” to Denver (8/17/08)
Air Force One, with the words “United States of America” emblazoned across its body and the Stars and Stripes on its tail, has been called the “most recognizable aircraft in the world.” So motorists on I-35 and I-70 next week shouldn’t have trouble identifying it. Except they won’t be looking skyward when they see the Boeing 707. More >>

Obama Campaign Collectibles, Modern Double Eagles, Art Collection Where? (8/11/08)
The arts, collectibles news takes a look at political collectors in Vegas, buying Double Eagle coins, a little overkill protecting an art collection and some British robbers sentenced for making off with millions in collectibles and art. More >>

August Auction Report (8/10/08)
In these slow, scorching days of August with few auctions taking place, I’m again taking a look at past auctions and how the pieces I highlighted fared. More >>

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