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Baseball Collectibles, Media Hype? Bring It On for Higher Prices (7/22/08)
The baseball-card market can be difficult to predict sometimes, as I pointed out in my investment strategies . More >>

Art and Antiques Auctions—A Brief History (7/20/08)
While art has been around since the dawn of humankind, buying and selling art and antiques at auctions is a phenomenon only a few centuries old. More >>

Antiques And Collectibles: July Auctions (7/18/08)
July may be winding down, but there are fine antiques and collectibles auctions still on the calendar. Saturday, July 19: Silver Flatware Harlowe-Powell — Gallery Auction More >>

Rosa Parks’ hats, James Brown’s curlers, a Nelson Mandela stamp and buying art on cruise ships (7/18/08)
The antiques, collectibles and art news swung from singer James Brown’s hair curlers, a stamp honoring freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, civil-rights heroine Rosa Parks’ hats to the last in a series of U.S. coins saluting the judiciary and a warning about buying art on cruise ships. Collectibles from the civil-rights pillar who would not move More >>

Antiques Alamo sword, bad guy’s briefcase & collectibles, rare bills not for deposit (7/16/08)
In collectibles, antiques and art news, an Alamo sword and the personal effects of a notorious outlaw hit the auction block, a bank returns valuable rare bills to its customer, a stolen Renaissance masterpiece is sold and a distinctive Babe Ruth home-run ball goes up for sale for the first time. Wild West Antiques and Militaria More >>

Becoming an Auction Aficionado (7/15/08)
Whether you are just starting an antiques and collectibles collection, adding to an existing collection or the veteran, die-hard bargain hunter, auctions are the perfect venue. The Neophyte, The Uninitiated, Baptism by Total Immersion More >>

A WWII bunker, mixed big-ticket auction results and a huge antiques fair (7/14/08)
Discovery of a WWII bunker off the coast of Denmark, different outcomes for similar contemporary art auctions in London, and a big antiques fair. Militaria-Filled WWII Bunker Discovered in Denmark More >>

Baseball Collectibles Can Benefit from Media Hype (7/11/08)
The baseball-card market can be difficult to predict sometimes. (click here to read about investing in baseball cards.) Sure, factors such as a player’s statistics, team popularity and the card’s age all play a role in determining a collectible’s value, but sometimes cards become hot for other reasons. Collectibles may go hot because of media hype. More >>

Thom Pattie and the art of the auction (7/10/08)
Chief Worthologist Thom Pattie started out as a utility-company linesman stringing cable and putting up transformers—clearly a long way, figuratively and literally, from the antiques and collectibles business. More >>

FBI Internet Alert: Be Wary of Autographed Collectibles (7/8/08)
Autographed collectibles are a staple in most sports memorabilia collections. They are valuable, and they hold personal meaning for the collector. However, there is a dark underbelly to the world of autographed collectibles, and the FBI wants you to be aware of it. According to the bureau, 70% of all autographed sports memorabilia sold over the Internet are fake. More >>

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