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401(k) Tanking, Antiques Collections Sound (9/18/08)
The stock market is in turmoil. Investment banks must be bailed out by the U.S. government. Hedge funds are experiencing investor demands. The largest insurance company must be propped up by the government. Where does it all end? Should I convert all my investments to cash? How about U.S. Treasuries or gold? Or what about antiques? More >>

Antiques and Collectibles News from Paris, Nashville, Smallville (9/17/08)
Isn’t it grand when the antiques and collectibles news goes from Paris, Nashville, Smallville and Krypton? More >>

Historic Dodgers Collectibles—Forever Popular (9/16/08)
The Dodgers are a historic baseball franchise whose origins extend back to 1883. Originally, the team was located in Brooklyn, New York. However, in 1958, owner Walter O’Malley made a business decision to move the franchise across the country to Los Angeles. The City of Angels instantly took the team and its collectibles, and they set a franchise record for attendance in their first year. More >>

Art, Antiques and Collectibles News Still Headlines Hirst (9/16/08)
Again topping the art, antiques and collectibles news is the Damien Hirst auction, which seems to be proving that weirdness sells. But let’s not overlook the rare Constable sketch coming out of the closet and finding collectibles in online thrift stores. More >>

Answers to Presidential Collectibles Quiz (9/15/08)
Here are the answers to the Presidential Collectibles: What’s It Worth Quiz 1. C. $225 2. B. $522 3. Because it is not particularly scarce, it’s C. $20 to $30, when in good condition 4. Not particularly scarce, but still unusual, the value is: C. $7 to $12 How did you do? More >>

Presidential Collectibles: What’s It Worth Quiz (9/14/08)
testSo you think you know political collectibles? What’s hot. What’s not. And most importantly, what they’re worth. More >>

Teacups, teakettles and an honest antiques customer (9/12/08)
Some time ago, my mother and sister decided to have yard sale to clean out a storage area. They would be putting out typical yard-sale items—small appliances, pots and pans, bottles, lots of junk and maybe a collectibles or two. More >>

Art, Antiques and Collectibles Auctions—9/12 (9/12/08)
Sloans & Kenyon, D.C.’s premier auction house, is back from summer hiatus with an exciting three-day sale of fine art, antiques and collectibles. The sale goes up the 12th runs through the 14th of September. More >>

Late Classicism Antiques: Not Empire (9/11/08)
There is a style of American furniture antiques that is consistently scorned by the upper crust of collectors and academics. Yet to its followers, the style is among the most innovative in history. It has retained enough popularity through the years that it has been constantly reproduced in almost every succeeding period of American furniture history. More >>

QB Favre Traded, Catch His Collectibles (9/10/08)
With all the recent drama that has surrounded former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre, now’s the time to intercept his collectibles. More >>

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