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Memories of Holiday Cheer, Worth the paper they are printed on (12/11/08)
The rich image printed on a early 20th. century Christmas Season postcard can evoke a spark of eternal hope within all of us. More >>

Fall In New England , Shades of Antiques (10/14/08)
antique showThe annual Fall antique show held at the Cape Porpoise, Maine Legion hall and sponsored by Glynnis & Sherman Thompson was another success and two Worthologist s including myself were set up on display. More >>

Isadora Duncan 1927 & Isadora Duncan 1977 (9/24/08)
Original Eroy Perfume Featured in 1998 Auction Catalogue Realized $286.00Isadora Duncan, considered the mother of modern dance, was Born in San Francisco California on September 14, 1877. Her father … More >>

Gold Leaf on Fine China and Glassware–A Rare Find (9/9/08)
The art of gold leafing dates back to the times of the Pharaohs. Gold leafing is a process in which artisans hammer gold until it has achieved thin layers. The layers are then applied over the item to give it the look of solid gold. More >>

Antique Chinese Carved Ivory Rich In Detail As Well As Life Lessons (8/7/08)
1850 Cinese ivory detail of faceShown here today, is a fine example of Chinese carved ivory from China’s golden age of exporting, circa 1850.This piece is very detailed showing different patterns on the three individuals’ robes.The detail is complete,down to the heels of their feet to the fine lines on the elder man’s face. More >>

18th. Century Antiques, Prized but not always priceless. (7/26/08)
18th c. leather boxWhen I found this old box or small trunk at a flea market years ago,I was quite smitten with myself … More >>

The Wedgwood Portland Vase History And Meaning (5/22/08)
The Wedgwood Portland vase has become a hallmark of the Wedgwood company and its roots trace back to the begining of time. More >>

Tokens of Love And Other Incripted Messages on Antique Coinage (5/19/08)
When the word “Love Token” pops into our head we usually think of a locket or something special that two individuals share as a represntation of each other’s love but ask a coin collector and you will here something different. More >>

Shell Cameo, Jewelry History (4/21/08)
Cameos are jewelry carved with a raised image. The word cameo comes from the Hebrew/Arabic word “kameo” meaning amulet or charm. They come in several materials and date back to Ancient Greece and Rome. They were usually were carved from a hard stone like agate, as well as glass. More >>

Identifying Marks On British Sterling (4/9/08)
vinaigretteHere is a cute British sterling vinaigrette circa 1818. It was made by John Shaw under the reign of George IV. How do we know this? The hallmarks on this piece are the keys to identity. More >>

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