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Baubles, Bangles & Beads: Collecting Antique Jewelry (3/31/09)
800px-bracelet_denfantEditor’s Note: There are antiques and collectibles that are utilitarian. There are some that are for beauty’s sake alone. Or … More >>

Weaving Through the Do’s and Don’ts of Collecting Oriental Carpets (3/25/09)
Persian Serapi carpet, circa 1900Editor’s Note: Whether you think of oriental carpets as art, antiques or collectibles, they are, unquestionably, objects of great beauty … More >>

Signaling an Interest in Flare Guns (3/16/09)
hebel-flare-gun-flippedEditor’s Note: There are all manner of gun collectibles and antiques. One of the more interesting types is World War … More >>

Disney’s Magic Kingdom of Collectibles (11/30/08)
Editor’s Note: There are collectibles, and then there are Disney collectibles. Mickey, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, Little Mermaid—these keepsakes go across so many generations and bring such happiness to them. Learn more about Disney collecting. More >>

Depression Glass Collectibles: Happy Days Here Again (9/15/08)
Fortunes crashed and incomes shot down to the bare negligible during the Great Depression of 1929-1939. Nobody that lived through those dark, turbulent years will remember them with a “Wish You Were Back” fondness, but the mention of Depression glass collectibles might just bring on a smile. More >>

Antiques and Art Provenance Matters (8/4/08)
Originating from the French verb “provenir” (to stem from), provenance is the history of ownership of art, antiques and collectibles. As an all-important record of an art object’s trail from its origin to its present owner, provenance affirms the authenticity of the work and increases its art-market value. More >>