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Establishing Provenance Means More Money (4/8/09)
Portrait of Winston ChurchillDo you have any evidence that Washington slept on that bed you want to sell? What about the satin bustier? Did it give more oomph to Mae West’s figure? More curves to Madonna’s? Did that painting really hang in Winston Churchill’s study? If the answers are “yes,” then you’ve got great provenance. More >>

Mining for Book Treasures (11/13/08)
Why amass book collectibles? What drives some of us to fill our homes from floor to ceiling with books, to haunt bookshops, book fairs and auctions to acquire more and then cast forth again to seek yet more? Well, mainly, many of us who collect do so because we love books, and we like to have them around us within easy reach. More >>

Venini Art Glass (8/26/08)
Ritagli by Fulvio Bianconi, Venini Art Glass, Credit - Venini Glass CompanyThe famous Venini glassworks was established in 1921 by Paolo Venini on the island of Murano near Venice. More >>

Antiques, Art and Collectibles Auction Ploys (8/18/08)
To bid or not to bid, that is the question. Then there are the little matters of how much to bid and when. News travels fast in the collectibles, antiques and art markets More >>

Finding Art And Collectibles in All the Right Places (7/28/08)
You can buy valuable art and collectibles in all kinds of places—galleries, hotel ballrooms, even roadside tents. Knowing how different auctions operate can help you acquire the best pieces at fair prices or at least, protect you from overpaying. More >>

Licensed to Loot (4/6/08)
On 9 April 2008, Sotheby’s are auctioning a Sikh armour plate in their ‘Arts of the Islamic World’ sale. It is just one artifact of many in the category, but the one that has caused the most stir, mainly for religious reasons more than heritage ones. More >>

The Sikh Armour and the Auction House (4/5/08)
Last week I read about Sotheby’s upcoming auction on 9 April 2008, where up for sale is Lot No. 269, “A Rare Sikh Steel Armour Plate, North West India/Pakistan, 18th Century” that might have once belonged to the Tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh (1675-1708). More >>

The Victorian Age (3/28/08)
The Victorian Age began in 1837 when Queen Victoria ascended the British throne and lasted up to her death in 1901. It was an era of rapid industrial development and social changes, and you can see this by studying the toys of the period. More >>