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The Cycle Continues: What was Once In, then Out, is Now In Again (7/27/09)
Beanie BabyAs we grow older, we see many things coming back from our early years. Fashion is probably number one; I’m … More >>

Brimfield Vintage Canoes (5/11/09)
During the September antiques shows at Brimfield, WorthPoint Chief Worthologist Thom Pattie talked vintage canoes with dealer John Magoun—their history, what to look for and their future value. See WorthPoint’s feature section on Brimfield. Videographer: Scott Shactman More >>

Hand-Tinted Photography: by Erin C. Kruml (12/12/08)
Wallace NuttingHand-Tinted Photography: by Erin C. Kruml Demand for hand tinted photographs skyrocketed in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, increasing steadily into … More >>

Thom Pattie Evaluates: Antique Telescope (11/19/08)
Worthologist Thom Pattie examines and evaluates an antique Carl Zeiss telescope at Treasures from the Attic, a fund raising event held at the Metz Middle School in Manassas, Virginia. Proceeds from the event support the Manassas Musuem. WorthPoint – Get the Most from your Antiques and Collectibles. More >>

Crazy Prices for Obama Victory Papers (11/11/08)
November 5 was a very special day for the United States of America. When Barack Obama was declared the next president of the United States, hot collectibles were the next morning’s newspaper. Across the country, the demand for the Nov. 5 edition of the newspaper, any newspaper, was astronomical. More >>

What’s It Worth Survival Guide (11/6/08)
In these difficult economic times, more and more Americans are turning to consignment sites, yard sales and pawnbrokers to sell … More >>

Toy Train Sets (9/17/08)
Colorful toy train set, WorthPoint, Thom Pattie blog, model trainsA website dedicated to collecting model trains calls itself the “World’s Greatest Hobby,” and it isn’t hard to imagine why. Collecting colorful toy train sets is an old and respected leisure occupation. From the time trains arrived as transportation, train sets have been created and collected. More >>

Czechoslovakian Glass at Brimfield (9/12/08)
Tom Pattie, WorthPoint’s chief Worthologist, spends time with a dealer who specializes in the gloriously colored Deco Czechoslovakian Art Glass at the Brimfield antiques shows in September. Joe Mattis, a third-generation antiques dealer, describes the unusual techniques used to produce the glassware, which he says is “still priced in the realm of reality.” More >>

Hertan’s Antique Shows – Brimfield (8/31/08)
Brimfield’s Antique and Flea Market is actually more than tweny separate antique shows. Hertan’s has one of the best settings and high quality items for sale. Worthologist Thom Pattie interviews David Lamberto, owner and operator of Hertan’s Antique Shows. Videographer: Mary Brenneman Editor: Alison Harder WorthPoint – the premier Web site for art, antiques, and collectibles More >>

National Auctioneers Association Conference (7/21/08)
Recently, I attended my first National Auctioneers Association (NAA) conference after 40 years in the business, and what a treat! There, I exchanged ideas with fellow auctioneers and learned new tips and modern tricks about auctioning collectibles and antiques. More >>

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