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What Makes a Political Button Valuable? (1/22/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist Common or scarce? Political buttons were created for campaigns, for issues, even for special events—or sometimes just … More >>

‘Mothballs’: The World of Antique and Collectibles on the Silver Screen (1/22/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist Talk about life imitating art, or art imitating work, Dan Borsey was able to talk with film … More >>

William Jennings Bryan Items from the 1908 Democratic Convention (1/22/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist WorthPoint was a sponsor of the American Presidential Experience in Denver, Colo., earlier this year. This travelling … More >>

WorthPoint Offers Valuable Consignment and Brokering Plans (1/22/09)
WorthPoint is in a unique position to be the major source for information for all manner of antiques and collectibles … More >>

The History of the Snowman (1/22/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist If you’re one of those folks who wears a sweatshirt in December that says “Let It Snow,” … More >>

Kit Carson County’s Historic Carousel (1/22/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist Kit Carson County residents thought it to be quite the mistake. Buying a carousel? The very idea. … More >>

Party On with Inaugural Collectibles (1/20/09)
Obama cuff linksIn the mood to party, but it’s too late for New Year’s Eve? Too early for the Super Bowl? How … More >>

Top Obama Inaugural Collectibles (1/9/09)
New York Post day after electionSuperstar Will Smith got teary. Ellen Malcolm, founder of Emily’s List called it “a proud moment in our nation’s history.” Great Britain’s … More >>

Preserving a George Washington Centennial Ribbon (12/15/08)
7bd860ebd1d0b7d1ab03529834a95215Even at 132 years old, George Washington could be better preserved, at least as he appears on this wonderfully preserved … More >>

200 Years of Oil Lamps with Jim Van Es (12/11/08)
There isn’t anyone better to provide light and warmth than Jim Van Es. As proprietor of the Wooden Shoe antique shop in Charles Town, W.V., and a WorthPoint Worthologist, Van Es understands historic and antique lamps. He has studied them, collected them, repaired them, and kept warm by them for over 40 years. More >>

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