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A Guardia Civil Uniform of Spain (12/11/08)
The Guardia Civil, or Civil Guard, is the national police force of Spain. Established in 1844 during the reign of Queen Isabella II, the Guardia Civil was created to fight the lawlessness of the Spanish countryside. More >>

Ulla Darni: The Art of Light (12/11/08)
Luminous is really the only way to describe the colorful floral chandeliers of artist Ulla Darni. Who could imagine turning essential light into warmth through color and art. More >>

You Can’t Fly This Plane: Collectible Tools (12/11/08)
You Can’t Fly this Plane—Antique Tools at Work Those of us in the antiques and collectibles world talk often about finding items of interest and value in Grandma’s closet, but rarely do we talk about finding equally important items of value in Grandad’s workshop. Collector John Davis is here to tell us why we shouldn’t neglect tools as a highly desirable collectable. More >>

Your Collectibles: an important part of your estate (12/11/08)
You’ve been collecting for quite a number of years, taking pride in the distinctive nature of your overall collection as no one else can. There comes a time, though, when you need to formally include your collection as part of your estate. How do you go about doing this? Jim Sturgill, CPA of Sturgill and Associates, provides answers. More >>

Political Buttons Since 1896 (12/11/08)
Since the 1896 presidential campaign of William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan, the political button has come to define support or derision for every subsequent presidential contest. Jim Warlick, owner of Political Americana in Washington, D.C. and WorthPoint Worthologist, explains the origins of the political button. More >>

Autographs of Jackie Kennedy & Spouse (12/11/08)
WorthPoint was a sponsor of the American Presidential Experience, a travelling exhibit of presidential history, as part of the festivities surrounding the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colo., in August 2008. While there, WorthPoint Worthologists evaluated all manner of usual and historic political and presidential memorabilia brought in by visitors and delegates alike. More >>

Political Americana – Memorabilia for the politico (12/11/08)
Not too long ago, I spent some time at Political Americana, a unique memorabilia store located about two city blocks from the White House. Its uniqueness is more than its location; it features historic campaign and presidential items covering more than 230 years of American politics. More >>

The Family Sandifer and the Dumpster Collectibles Campaign (10/28/08)
There are stories of finding antiques and collectibles in the most unlikely places. Flea markets, antique shops, your grandma’s attic. But, the dumpster? More >>

Evaluating Campaign Buttons (10/27/08)
What makes a campaign button a valuable collectible? Tom Carrier finds out at the American Presidential Experience in Denver. WorthPoint – Get the Most from your Antiques and Collectibles. More >>

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